29-years-old Brittany Butner suffers a cardiac event in the hospital after giving birth

29-years-old Brittany Butner suffers a cardiac event in the hospital after giving birth

Brittany Butner recalls the moment she felt her chest discomfort while visiting her infant Faylynn hope in the NICU.

Bunter said in an interview:

“They had just handed her to me, and I felt intense chest pain shooting down my right arm and I had shortness of breath,”

Her pain got so serious so, that she was rushed into an emergency procedure at the Novant Health Forsyth medical center in Weston-Salem, North Carolina, a minute after experiencing a cardiac attack. 

This is the same hospital where she gave birth to Faylyan four days previously.

The staff was able to wheel her incubator into Brittiny’s room, though Faylyan was in breakable condition.

Clint Butner, also, 29, learned about a serious procedure cardiac catheterization to determine what was causing the distress also he decided not to wait as they planned for a September wedding.

 By choice, the pair got married the next day in Brittany’s hospital room.

 Her first baby was 8 years old and was present for her parent’s big moment alongside her brother Grayson.

Clint says:

Having her there with us in the room,” “was just so special.”

She added and recall:

“The first time I saw her, I was like, ‘Wow, she’s really gorgeous,”

Butner was hospitalized just 4 days after giving birth to her daughter. source: people

Brittany faced complications during her second pregnancy

They both were single and didn’t date until 2020. After that time Brittany saw Clint in a new light and she laid her eye on him.

She says:

“He was dressed up nice in a cowboy hat and boots, “He caught my attention.”

And the couple decided to get married in the fall of this year after becoming engaged in 2021.

 Once the holidays passed, Brittany and Clint received yet another surprise: they were informed that a child would be born in late august.

Clint says:

“We actually found out we were pregnant Christmas Eve, and we told our families Christmas Day,”

When she was just 33 weeks pregnant, she had high blood pressure and was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

 So, she advised the doctor to plan a C-section on her due date. Her vision was blurry plus she had a bad headache.

Brittany remembers the doctor saying:

‘’We’re gonna deliver her,'”

 “My biggest concern was her breathing because her lungs weren’t developed.”


  • Brittany Butner and her fiance Clint Butner married in a hospital room where she was being treated.
  • A cardiac event struck the new mother, who had just given birth to their second child.
  • Clint wasted no time after the unfortunate event of marrying the love of his life.