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Agnes Hailstone

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Agnes Hailstone is the popular and recognized star of the show named ‘Life Below Zero’.

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Agnes Hailstone’s Wiki, Bio, age, and family

Agnes was born in Noorvik, Alaska on June 14, 1972. She is currently 47 years old as of her date of birth. She belongs to the Inupiaq tribe that falls back to thousands of years. Agnes had received a tattoo on her chin which is taken as a great honor within the Inupiaq Tribe.

The tattoo usually tells that a girl has reached a certain maturity level and is hardworking. Her way of living has been an inspiration for many people.

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she got accustomed to hunting and fishing growing up in Alaska. She had learned to gather oil from the body fats, tan animals, and create handicrafts from her culture and family. Agnes needs to lost her mother and brother in the ice storm that strikes in 1972.

Agnes Hailstone’s marriage, Husband and Child

Agnes has been married twice. Previously, she has been married to her ex-husband with surname Carter with whom she had two children namely Douglas J Carter and John Carter. Then secondly, she was married to Chip Hailstone (Edward V Hailstone) of 48 years old. Chip Hailstone was born in 1969. Chip Hailstone also had an interest on hunting.

Chip says life about food which he mentioned :

”What can I say? It’s all about food.” He further added, “The hunting’s about food, the fishing’s about food, the interactions with the folks around here are about food.”

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The couple has been blessed with five children namely Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Quran.

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Agnes Hailstone’s Net worth

Chip and his wife Agnes has an estimated net worth over $250,000. The reality TV show “Life Below Zero” has been their main source of income. The earning is also comes from making handicrafts and animal skin which they put on sale.

Agnes Hailstone’s social media

Agnes is absent from all the social media as of yet. Hope she will share her journey in life via social media in near future.

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