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Allysa Rose

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Allysa Rose is an American TV personality who has a craze for cars right from her childhood days. She is the main cast of the automotive reality TV show titled Graveyard Carz which airs on Velocity Channel. Her wiki reveals that she was born in the year 1992 but her exact date of birth remains unknown. She got her interest in cars from her father Mark Worman and adores him. Her father is also a person crazy for cars and used to read a lot of auto magazines and also open up cars and learn the inner details of it out of his curiosity.

Source: Allysa and her father Mark)

When Allysa was 10-11 she developed this immense love for cars. Her father used to get toys for her which were unlike those specific for her gender. She has played with dirt bikes and GoKart cars.

She had seen a number of amazing cars around her while growing and feels lucky to have that type of an upbringing. Her favorite car is 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

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Allysa and her career

Allysa’s father was the brain behind the show. It was his creativity which led to the show. He is the CEO of the company called Division which produces the show. Allysa is the main person in it and she has been on the show from 2012 to 2017 and had just missed 2014 in between. On this show, Allysa remakes the old Mopar muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s and puts them back into their functional state.

Source: Pinterest (Allysa Rose)

She is very enthusiastic about her work and likes putting life into those dead machines. She does not mind getting her hands dirty with the grease and oil. The location for the filming for the series is Springfield, Oregan. The shops’ motto is:

“It’s Mopar or No car.”

Mark too is a great and amusing artist. He also shares a love for dancing and has also sent his daughter to dance schools to learn it. She has learned ballet, tap, and jazz dances.

This is her only show and she is, in fact, camera-shy and not particularly fond of acting. But her love for cars and their restoration makes her face the camera. She drives a number of different cars on the show and she now drives the 2014 Dodge Charger. Her net worth is not known but it is estimated that her father Mark has a net worth amounting to $ 500k.

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Allysa and her love life

Allysa was married to Australian football player Josh Rose but they have separated. She is now dating Anthony Johnson.

Her fans were disturbed when they came to know that she has divorced Josh and she is now with someone else.

Source: Pinterest (Allysa and Josh)

To this, Allysa had cleared the air. She said:

“I didn’t leave Josh for anyone. He and I didn’t work out do to our own problems.”

She has kids with Josh and is now happy with the new man in her life. Her children are Emma and Brooklyn.