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Anne Ramsay

American actress Anne Elizabeth Ramsay has played open, free, warm, and funny characters on screen. Most of her roles are of the unconventional types which is why they are liked. In ‘Mad about you’ she is Lisa the free-spirited sister. In L word, she played the recurring role of Robin.

Let us delve a little more into her biography and know more about her and her personal life! It would help her fans know what type of an individual their favorite ‘reel-life’ character is in her real-life!

Anne Ramsa: Birth, Age, Childhood, Education

Anne Ramsay was born on 11 September 1960 in Los Angeles County, California. She was brought up in La Habra, California. In La Habra High School, she was on the volleyball team. She learned music but had never played softball. She has a passion for acting and decided to study it.

She attended the UCLA but was never entertained by them to act in their plays even after auditions. She attended workshops to learn acting. She and four UCLA drama students had come together and formed the ‘Continuum’.

Source: Wetpaint (Anne Ramsay in a film with her co-stars)

They wrote and starred in a play called ‘Waiting’. This ran at the Carpet Company Stage for 5 months. It also drew the attention of the critics and Hollywood agents. A review in the Times said:

“Waiting is undoubtedly a show with a future.”

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Anne Ramsay’s Career, Professional Life

Anne Ramsay also was noticed from there and got her first break in TV and films due to this play. She said:

“I got my agent from that play. A lot of industry people came to see us in that. People still remember me from that.”

She did other roles on TV and films as well but her next noticeable character was in ‘A League of their own’ in 1992. The film was shot in Chicago and Anne had liked the experience filming it. She said:

“It was amazing! I could never articulate it enough. It was a life-changing event for me and for all of us—for all the girls … we all felt the same way about it. I mean I got to play baseball. We got to play it in Wrigley Field!……. And I love Chicago!….”

Source: Pinterest (Anne in A League of their own’)

She also enjoyed working with Madonna. Talking about her, Anne said:

“She’s awesome, what can I say? She’s sweet and vulnerable and she could be caustic and self-protecting. She was so kind to me and I’m really grateful for it. My birthday happened to fall in the middle of shooting and she found out about it and she made sure that I had a cake, she gave me a Dolce and Gabbana outfit.”

Her next great role was in ‘Mad for you’ (1992-1999) where she plays Lisa Stemple. Anne had said that she is more like her character Lisa.

Anne was also part of ‘Doctor, Doctor’ in 1990. She played the crazy and neurotic psychiatrist named Dr. Leona Linowitz in this series. This was her comedy act for a change. She did a host of other TV and film acting.

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Anne Elizabeth Ramsay’s: Relationships, boyfriend, married?

Anne has never married. She has no husband; past or present. She also is not into any relationships and has no boyfriend.

She purchased a house in West LA in La Habra after she secured the role in ‘Mad after you’. It had involved a lot of renovating and fixing work, but Anne had no regret buying that old house. She jogs around sans makeup. She only dresses up when going for dinner or party.

Source: TV Guide (Anne Ramsay)

Anne was happy with Lisa in ‘Mad after you’ not settling down. She said

“I hope she doesn’t find anyone. It’s fun to have her always dating and looking.”

Anne herself is single, but not as desperate as Lisa.

She has been rumored to be lesbian or gay, but there have been no proofs of all this anytime. We wish her the best for all her acts and roles!

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Anne Elizabeth Ramsay: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Anne is completely absent from the public as per social media. She does not have a social media profile such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.