American business magnate Howard Hughes and his life story! His reclusive and erratic behavior in his last days!

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Business tycoon Howard Hughes was also a film director and philanthropist. He was one of the most financially successful people in the world. He was also a record-setting pilot and made a name in the aviation industry as well as in film production. He was successful in every venture but the latter part of his life was spent in reclusion demonstrating some erratic behavior.

Howard-the beginnings

His birth was in Humble, Texas on 24 December 1905. His father was Howard R. Hughes Sr. who was from Missouri and was a successful businessman and inventor. His mother was Allene Stone Gano. Howard Hughes has a mixed ethnicity-English, Welsh, and some French. He had a famous uncle named Rupert Hughes who was a novelist, screenwriter, and film director.

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Since his early life, science and technology fascinated Howard and he had an aptitude for engineering. It is unimaginable but he had built the first wireless radio transmitter when he was 11. He was amongst the first to receive a license for operating ham radios in Houston.

His picture had been published in the local newspaper with the news of he being the first to have the motorized bicycle in his locality which was built by him. He also liked Mathematics and flying and learned flying when he was 14. In 1921, he attended the Fessenden School, Massachusetts. He also did the math and aeronautical courses at Caltech.

His mother died in 1924 due to complications of ectopic pregnancy and his father in 1924 due to the heart attack. H had joined Rice University but withdrew from it after his father’s death.

His business ventures

Howard inherited 75% of his father’s fortunes. He was an entrepreneur and had many businesses. He had the Hughes Tool Company and sold its tool division in 1972. Its primary involvement was in aerospace, defense, electronics, mass media, manufacturing, and hospitality. He had also invested in petroleum drilling, real estate, consulting, and oilfield services. He used the profits to fund health care and medical research.

Source: History (Howard Hughes )


Howard had shifted to LA to pursue a career in filmmaking. His films Everybody’s acting in 1927 and Two Arabian Knights in 1928 became successful money-wise. The latter film also bagged awards. His The Racket (!928) and The Front Page (1931) also won award nominations. Other films include Hell’s Angels, Scarface, and The Outlaw.

In 1948, he took over the ‘sick’ RKO film studio and took full control of it. He later sold it.

Real estate investment

He invested in real estate and also purchased hotels and other properties.

Aerospace and aviation

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He was an enthusiast in this field. He survived 4 plane accidents. In 1938, he broke the record of flying round-the-world in the minimum time. In 1932, his Hughes Aircraft Company was founded. He also purchased airlines.

Medical venture

In 1953, he launched the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Miami, Florida.

His personal and love life

Howard married Ella Botts Rice on 1 June 1925. But when in LA, he was romancing many famous women such as Billie Dove, Bette Davis, and Katharine Hepburn. In 1929, his wife returned to Houston and filed for legal separation from him.

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On 12 January 1957, he married actress Jean Peters. It is believed that she is the only woman that he ever loved in his life.

He had no children though after his death many came forward claiming that they were his children.

The last few years and death

Howard was said to have become eccentric in the last few days of his life. His obsessive-compulsive disorder had become more severe. He used to have mood swings. He started leading a reclusive life and died on 5 April 1976 onboard an aircraft.

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