Alx James ( YouTube Star) Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Height

Alx James

Alx James is an American YouTube personality who gained fame when he posted videos, vlogs, and sketches on his YouTube channel and gained popularity due to it. It is rather amazing how this boy who was raised on a farm learned the tricks of the online trade and went on to join the ranks of the top YouTubers of today.

Alx James was born in Wilson, North Carolina, Unites States on 5 March 1992. He is a Piscean and 25 years old. He has two siblings; a brother and a sister. There are no details revealed regarding his parents or their profession.

Source: Ligaviewer (Alx with his sister-in-law who agrees that Alx is a good person)

If we look at his educational background, we find no information about his high school or college training. But there are reports that he was fond of sports in his college days and had played for the Junior Olympic Volleyball team for a year and a half. He was even offered a scholarship to play volleyball for the college but decided against it and instead started pursuing a career in the entertainment field.

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Alx James’ Career and Net Worth

Alx James is a farm-bred person. When he was in college, one of his friends Melody Willoughby convinced Alx James to download the Vine app and try it. Alx then started uploading videos on this downloaded Vine app and realized that his videos were liked by many people around the world. He started posting more videos and soon had a huge fan following. He had around 8 million followers on his Vine channel until its closure in early 2017.

Alx then switched over to YouTube channel and has created his own channel, started uploading videos on it. Here too, he met with fame and gained a number of followers. His vlogs, sketches, and other comedic videos were liked and enjoyed by his fans which were now numbering more than 950000. On his Instagram, Alx had greater than 850000 fans.

Alx also participated in American Idol and reached the Hollywood round on two occasions. But later on due to his illness, he was unable to take part in it and quit.

Source: YouTube (Alx ‘s video)

In 2016, Alx also was nominated for the Shorty Awards in the category of Best Vine Comedian. He used to also collaborate with his fellow Viners for his Vine videos. Alx has also acted in several TV shows such as ‘Internet Challenges’, The Genderly Confused and Joe Show’, and ‘Lab Coats: Life After The Zombie Apocalypse’. His most loved and popular videos are ‘Getting Hassled at Best Buy’ and ‘My Neighbor tried to seduce me’. His videos are on topics which any common and layperson can relate with and hence are enjoyed and liked by his fans.

Alx James’ Relationship and Personal Life

Alx James is not married. His sexuality is gay. He had disclosed it in one of his videos in 2015. This video also had more than 400000 views. After a few months in October 2015, Alx also officially introduced his fans to his boyfriend. Alx James said in the video:

“I have waited two years for me to finally come out. And then, I guess the next step was to find a boyfriend. That was worthy enough to show you guys.”

Source: Pinterest (Alx with boyfriend)

On this video, he also mentioned that he had dated many boys in the past but did not mention about them to his fans. He said:

“Obviously, I have dated guys, but I haven’t shown any to you. Because I didn’t feel like they were worth showing you at all. That has now changed.”

His boyfriend’s name is Justin Edward Hughes and he is 6 feet 1 inch tall and 25-years-old. Alx also mentioned that Justin is from Washington State and said:

“He makes me so happy. Guys, don’t be mean to him!”

Regarding their meeting, Alx said:

“I saw him at the gym, I thought he was cute. And sexy. So I submitted my resume.”

He also talked about Justin being good at sports and about his ability to do backflips. Justin is a vegetarian and they split the payment for their meals.

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