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Atz Lee Kilcher

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Atz Lee Kilcher is the son of Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll. He is leading a harsh life in the wilderness of Alaska and subsisting by hunting. Winters are particularly troublesome and it is a life full of adventures and associated difficulties.

Let us here know the biography of Atz Lee Kilcher and his work and family!

Atz Lee Kilcher and his birth and childhood

Atz Lee Kilcher was born to Atz Kilcher and his first wife Lenedra Carroll. Atz Kilcher is one of the two sons of Yule Kilcher who had migrated to Alaska from Switzerland with his wife Ruth. The second son of Yule and Ruth is Otto Kilcher. Atz Kilcher also had 6 sisters who were Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise.

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Atz Lee Kilcher has a brother called Shane Kilcher and a sister named Jewel Kilcher. Atz Lee also has a half-sibling named Nikos who was born to another woman named Linda. The biological father of Nikos is Atz Lee’s father Atz Kilcher. His maternal grandparents are Arva and Jay Carroll.

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His exact date of birth is not known but the year of his birth is 1977 and hence he is currently 41 years old. He has an American nationality. As regards his education, there is no information. It is said that Atz Lee was the black sheep of the family and had left them in between to pursue music as a career but was not successful in it and returned. His mother was also a singer and she had divorced her husband in 1982.

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Atz Lee Kilcher and his career and work

Atz Lee Kilcher had left the family when he was young and around 20 years of age. He was looking for a better and bigger life. He had a passion for music and roamed around the country with his guitar. But he faced many failures and realized that his homestead was better than the world outside.

Atz Lee returned to Homer, Alaska, and built a cabin for himself and has been residing there ever since. He does not have livestock and relies solely on hunting for his family’s supply of meat. He collects food for the winter as well when it is in scarcity. Atz Lee now says:

“The wilderness is where I belong.” 

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He works hard to provide his family with their basic needs and foods. he said:

“Surviving a single Alaskan winter is a huge challenge, surviving a lifetime of winters tho becomes the ultimate test,”

He is ready for any hardship and has now begun to enjoy the life of the wilderness. He is part of the TV show on Discovery Channel called Alaska: The Last Frontier. The show talks about and shows the hard life of the Alaskan and the Kilcher family as they try to make their ends meet in a self-sufficient way. He has a net worth of $ 2 million.

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Atz Lee Kilcher-family, wife, children, marriage

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Atz Lee Kilcher is a married man. His wife is Jane Kilcher. There is no information available about Atz Lee’s marriage exact date and venue of the wedding. They had met in 2000 and married in 2005. Jane is also a local fisherwoman. The couple is happy in their married life and has no children together. Etienne is Atz Lee’s child with his first wife and Piper is Jane’s daughter with her ex-spouse.

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These two are kept away from the limelight since the parents are worried that negative comments and trolls might affect them. She had said on her Facebook:

“I’ve been overwhelmed lately of people realizing we have children … that are not on the show… We are so proud of our kids, Piper 14 and Etienne 16, they are not a secret…we just keep their lives private and away from the AWFUL internet trollers ,ETC…but as they get older you may see them (on their own volition ) on an episode or two…. after I have made sure they can deal with all the craziness!!!!”

There was a rumor in between that the couple is divorcing but this turned out to be untrue.

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On September 8, Jane announced on Facebook that her two children Piper and Etienne won’t be featured in season 8 of the Discovery Channel show Alaska: The Last Frontier.

She then went on to explain that bullying in social media is the main reason she does not want her kids to be featured.

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