Just how conservative or liberal does Luke Combs tend to be?

Luke Combs

Although some have conjectured that country musician Luke Combs supports Trump, this is untrue. Because of his outspoken support for the Black Lives Matter movement, many people assume he does not support the Republican Party. Does Luke Combs back Donald Trump? Unknown is Luke Combs’ political leaning. Combs has adopted a variety of covert political … Read more

Drew Peterson, a convicted killer, also threatened Vicki Connolly, his second wife.

Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook, Illinois, police sergeant, was arrested in 2012. His third wife, Kathleen Savio, was convicted of murder. A few months after her divorce from Peterson, she was discovered dead in her bathtub. At the time, her death was declared an accident due to drowning. Savio’s case was reopened after Peterson’s fourth … Read more

Who is Kate’s sister? Comedian Emily Lynne Berthold’s Biography

Kate's sister Emily Lynne Berthold

Comedian Kate McKinnon is one of several incredibly brilliant Saturday Night Live cast members. Since joining the comedy series in 2012, she has performed some funny impressions of prominent personalities like Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, and Martha Stewart. It seems that humor is a family trait. Kate’s younger sister also works in the field. If … Read more

Who Is Dimitri Alexander Hamlin?

Dimitri Alexander Hamlin

DIMITRI Despite spending his entire life in the spotlight, Alexandre Hamlin frequently avoids it when he can. He is the son of both actor Harry Hamlin and famed Bond girl, Ursula Andress. Dimitri Alexander Hamlin: who is he? On May 19, 1980, the actor Dimitri Alexander Hamlin was born in Rome, Italy. Over the years, … Read more

Lynne Curtin’s Daughter Raquel Has A New Look

Lynne Curtin and Raquel from RHOC

The fourth season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” introduced viewers to Lynne Curtin and her two teenage daughters, Raquel and Alexa. Throughout Curtin’s two seasons on the show, her co-stars criticized her parenting because of her daughters’ propensity for binge drinking and staying out late. Fans were shocked to see Raquel, Curtin’s older … Read more

The Big Brother Fans Decode The Mon Won Twist

Mon Won

On CBB, Cynthia Bailey “Celebrity Big Brother” Season 3 has started. In Friday night’s show, new alliances were forged along with a puzzling new turn. In the February 2 debut show, Julie gave a sneak preview of the upcoming twist, stating it would be “a godsend for one and a curse for another.” The Mon … Read more

Who was Carl Judie and how did he pass away?

Carl Judie

a Carl Judie Tragically, ACTOR passed away on February 16 at the age of 63. His daughter Brianna Walker made the announcement that her father had passed away as a result of complications with Covid-19 on Instagram. How did Carl Judie die? Who was he? Judie, who was born on July 12th, 1957, is most … Read more