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AZN whose real name is Jeff Bonnett is Farmtruck’s sidekick. Farmtruck is one of the top 10 street racers in Discovery Channel’s TV show called Street Outlaws. They have been working together for the last 10 years and AZN does the smart talk to hook people for racing, while Farmtruck does the driving and wins the races.

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AZN has been always the aide of Farmtruck but now he too is thinking of getting behind the wheels. He tried his hand with land mowers but was not successful. Now he has purchased a sleeper Volkswagen Beetle 1966 make which he calls the Dung Beetle since it looks like Dung on the outside. But it is extremely powerful due to its 1000HP Turbo-charged precision engine.

The pair uses it on unsuspecting racers and ends up always winning the race and also collecting the fast cash. They had met on the streets of the 405 and soon became friends.

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AZN and his family

His exact date of birth remains unknown. He hails from Oklahoma and has passed 8th grade. He is Christian and his father had loaned him money like a bank for his first car which was a 1964 Chevy II NOVA. It had cost him $ 2800 and he used to repay part of the money to his father every month just like one does to a bank.

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AZN was emotionally attached to this car and had said:

“It had a straight-six in it and a three on the tree, which was my first experience with a manual transmission, so I assumed all cars came with the three on the tree,” he says. “I was in high school at the time. Farmtruck was able to find it again in the Carolinas and get it back for me in the same condition that it was when I sold it. And that’s the first car that I ever took a motor and transplanted a V-8 into with my dad and then transplanted an automatic transmission in it. And had my first street race in, got my first ticket in, and met Farmtruck in a street race in.”

His father mother died when he was 16 and his fahter passed awasy when he was 19 years old.

The job AZN created for paying off the money for his NOVA

AZN would put a note in the post box of every house stating that if their house catches fire the fire department might not be able to locate it easily. But if they put the address on the curb, it might be easy for the fire department. He used to paint the address on the curb and collect the money for it to pay for his first car.

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AZN learns driving

AZN learned to drive from his dad whom AZN thought was a terrible teacher since he used to yell more and teach less. But the real and fine driving, AZN learned from his best friend Farmtruck. He practiced on rural Oklahoma City streets before he ventured into the bigger city streets.

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AZN’s embarrassment on dates

AZN’s car began to leak and hence it would turn out to be an embarrassment in front of his girlfriends when he used to take them out on a date in this car. It would stop and he had to step below it and get all greasy to restart it. Hence he sold the car.

AZN gets his first car back

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His friend Farmtruck managed to locate the car for him and got it back. AZN was extremely happy since there were a lot of ‘first’ in his NOVA car. He said:

“There were a lot of firsts in that car. First time I ever got punched in the face—in that car. I did, I got punched right in the face. I didn’t know what to think of it.”

Source: Street Outlaws (Farmtruck and AZN)

But for his daily drive, AZN has purchased a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. He said:

“To me it’s a 10. It’s the most perfect vehicle that I’ve ever owned as far as daily drivers go.”

His favorite and memorable road trip was from the Oklahoma City to Fontana, California to the Mega Race. He has accumulated a net worth of around $ 350000.

AZN and girlfriend

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AZN has been in relationships but the names of his past or current girlfriend is not known. He is not married and hence no wife and also no children yet.

But he does have a lady friend,  Leesa Lacey. They have a close and healthy friendship and have known each other for 15 years. Lessa is a married woman and has a daughter with her husband.

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