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Karl Pilkington is a TV presenter and radio star from the UK. He gained recognition when he began the radio program XFM with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Karl Pilkington is also known as the longtime partner of the BBC TV producer Suzanne Whiston.

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Karl’s formative years

Karl Pilkington was born on 23 September 1972 in Manchester. He has not opened up about his family life and there are no details available about his siblings, childhood days, and educational background. His father is Alan Pilkington and his mother is Dorothy Pilkington.

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Karl and his Career

Karl relocated to London to work with XFM in the capacity of a producer. After several years, he teamed up with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and co-hosted The Ricky Gervais Show. In the initial years, Karl was only producing the show but later on, he was invited on the show for his funny and unique comments. This gave him exposure and his popularity soared. He soon became one of the main elements of the show.

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His thoughts and ideas on varied subjects and his childhood stories were particularly something to watch for. In December 2005, he also got offers to host 2 BBC 6 Music shows for Nemone and also co-presented these shows with Russell Brand.

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His quotes are particularly popular and Reuters has described Karl as a phenomenon who has made internet history. Karl has also been with Gervais and Merchant on several of their other projects.

He has done a guest appearance on Flipside TV and The Culture Show. He has also appeared in several short films which were part of the Channel 4 project called 3 Minute Wonders.

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Karl’s on-air comic persona is not scripted. The merchant had said on it:

“I would not have squandered a character that good on this poxy radio station”

Karl has made a career out of moaning. His grumpy outlook on life and his straight-talking comments are ‘out of the box’. His ‘Idiot Abroad’ was liked by his fans.

This Mancunian has also appeared in Derek as caretaker Dougie. He also has a solo project called The Moaning of Life. Karl once said:

“I didn’t want to be on the telly. It’s something that came about. I like to do one job and then have time off because for me, that’s what it’s all about. I’m doing a book to go with this series and beyond that, who knows? I don’t like to think too far ahead. I’m not trying to break America or anything. I just want to pay the bills.”

Karl Pilkington relationships

He met his girlfriend Suzanne Whiston who is a BBC TV producer when he did some editing work for her. She bought him a cup of hot chocolate twice. The love between them soon blossomed and they are now partners since the 1990s. They are not married but call each other husband and wife.

Karl does not want children. Talking about his life, Karl had said:

“I’m not a fan of having a fancy car or fancy clothes, but we have just got a hot tub. It’s a bit ‘lottery winner’ but I’ve got a bad back and I don’t like going to gyms. It cost £8,000. Some people will spend that on a holiday, but the last thing I want is a holiday. Some people buy clothes every week. I haven’t bought clothes for about two years. My long-term girlfriend Suzanne Whiston and I don’t have kids and I don’t like champagne, it gives me heartburn.”

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Karl Pilkington social media

He is active on social media where he shares his life’s moments as well as promote his work. He has over 55.8k followers on Instagram, above 1.6k followers on Facebook and more than 114k followers on Twitter.