Brittany Cherry (American Dancer) Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Instagram, Height

Brittany Cherry

Brittany Cherry is an American dancer who hails from Utah in the USA. She has worked with Ed Sheeran and also other music videos and films. Brittany Cherry is extremely passionate about dancing.

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Brittany Cherry and her passion for dancing

Brittany has always been passionate about dancing. She had said:

“Dance has always been my passion as well as my therapy.  I hope to inspire people to pursue something they are passionate about.  

Be true to you…

It is important to never let anyone else define you.”

Source: Gotceleb (Brittany)

She further adds:

“I am living my dream, you can too.”

Brittany is a professional dancer and also a choreographer. She also teaches dance. After moving to the big city of LA, she landed several cool jobs. She attended classes and every audition. She has worked on several projects on Disney and Nickelodeon Channels. She has also danced at the professional level in dance shows and also performed Ballroom twists. She has worked with celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Kevin Hart, and the like. She went along with Ed Sheeran for his US tour. She is said to have trained Ed Sheeran and danced with him in his music video called Thinking Out Aloud. She has also toured Asia and Europe as part of her dance troupe. She has been with the Dancing with the Stars show as a professional cast member. She earns a decent amount of money but her exact net worth is not known.

Brittany Cherry and her early life wiki

Brittany Cherry was born on 2 May 1994 in Pleasant Grove, Utah in the US. She is 24 now and was born with a sensorineural deafness in one year and a conductive hearing loss in the other ear. Learning a language was difficult for little Brittany and her mom realized that she was good with music and hence put her in dance classes when she was 3.

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Brittany also enjoyed it and loved the dance forms she learned and mastered. She trained herself in jazz. ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, tumbling, Standard and Latin Ballroom. She trained with the country’s top coaches and won several National Latin titles for her dance performances. She has a ballroom partner and the two also won the Dancing with the Stars Kids Edition at age 13. There is no more information on her parents but she does tweet and writes about them on her social media. Her mother is Mary Jo McCarthy and her father is Brent McCarthy. She is close to them and they are also very supportive of her. She does have a sibling but not many details are known about the sibling. As regards her school and college studies, there is no information.

Brittany Cherry and her life-boyfriend, relationship, marriage, children

It has been reported that Brittany does have a boyfriend in Bryan and their relationship has grown over the past year that they have known each other. They wish birthday wishes to each other on their Instagram and they seem happy together. They also have been on holiday together and have been to Disneyland and Venice together. They have not yet announced any marriage plans. They have no children yet.

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Brittany Cherry and her body measurements and social media accounts

Brittany has a height of 5 feet and 1 inch and her weight is 49 kg. Her other body measurements are not known. She has brown hair and eyes. She is active on social media and her Instagram has 109k fans following. She also holds a Facebook and Twitter account.

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