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Charles Manson was an American cult leader who unfortunately was also a criminal.

The fight over his dead body

After his death in the hospital, his body was claimed by 3 groups. These included his grandson Jason Freeman, Michael Brunner who said that he was Charles’ son, Michael Channels who was Charles’ friend and a memorabilia collector. Charles’ alleged son Matthew Roberts who claimed he had a will of his father dated January 2017 was on the side of Brunner. Michael Channels had also claimed that he had Charles’ valid will be dated 14 February 2002.

The case went to court and after 4 months, it has been decided that Charles’ body which was sitting on ice at an undisclosed location for so long be handed over to Jason Freeman. There was a high likelihood that one of the plaintiffs may file an appeal against this order.

Michael Channels’ will was said to be invalid. Brunner had been adopted by his maternal grandparents and hence could not lay his claim on his father’s body now. Jason was overjoyed on learning the ruling on the phone. He told CNN:

“I can finally say this part is over, I never looked at it as being a battle between anybody.”

Jason would cremate his grandfather’s remains and hold a small family function for the event. He has expressed his willingness to invite Channels and Brunner for the event. The inheritance of Charles’ estate would be decided later. The estate includes Charles’ writings, drawings, and music compositions.

His death

Charles had died on 19 November 2017 at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield, CA. It was due to cardio-respiratory failure with colon cancer. On 1 January 2017, he was rushed to this hospital from California State Prison, Corcoran due to gut bleeding.

Source: Manila times (Charles Manson)

He was too weak for surgery and sent back to the prison with no details of his treatment being disclosed. On 15 November 2017, he was returned to the hospital and died four days later.

Charles’ life

Charles was born illegitimately to 16-year-old Kathleen Manson-Bower-Cavender (1918–1973) in the General Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio on 12 November 1934. His biological father was Colonel Walker Henderson Scott Sr. (1910–1954). Though called Colonel, he was never in the army and used to work in local mills and at times as a con artist. Kathleen was actually fooled by Colonel Walker to believe that he was in the army.

Source: NME (Charles Manson)

Charles’ stepfather was William Eugene Manson (1909–1961) who was a laborer in a dry cleaning service. Kathleen and William were divorced but Kathleen never took care of Charles due to her drinking habit. His custody was handed over to his aunt and uncle in West Virginia after his mother was arrested for robbing a wealthy person.

His mother returned in 1942 and Charles had some days of happiness there. The family moved to Charleston where Charles took to vices and petty crimes. He was put in Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haute, Indiana, a school for male delinquents run by Catholic priests. He repeatedly ran away from this school to his mother who used to take him back to the school.

Source: TMZ (Charles Manson)

The escape to Indianapolis

He ran away to Indianapolis and started burgling shops. He was arrested and put in a juvenile home but his old bad habits continued. He was raped in Indiana Boys school and escaped in 1951. He continued with robberies and after arrest in Utah was Washington, D.C.’s National Training School for Boys. He was illiterate and antisocial.

Source: YouTube (Charles Manson)

He was transferred to an adult prison and when on parole was caught trying to rape a boy at knifepoint. At the Federal Reformatory, he continued with his sexual offenses. Then followed a period where he was released and again rearrested. He was given time to reform but there were no signs of it. He tried to escape and his probation term was extended.

The parole and more crimes

While on parole, he continued with his sexual crimes. He tried various ways to skip the punishment including marrying a woman who asked for mercy for him. He started work as a pimp. He was rearrested and transferred to United States Penitentiary at McNeil Island in 1961. He was released on 21 March 1967.

Source: Houston Chronicles (Charles Manson)

The cult Manson Family

He made a California-based quasi-communal cult after release and this was called Manson Family. The group murdered musician Gary Hinman (July 1969) actress Sharon Tate and 4 others (9 August 1969), Leno and Rosemary LaBianca (10 August 1969). Besides other assaults, thefts, the family members had also attempted assassination of the US President Gerald Ford in Sacramento.

The arrest

Source: Time magazine (Sharon Tate and 4 others murdered by Manson Family members)

Charles was arrested in 1971 and trialed for seven murders and 1 conspiracy. He was sentenced to death which was changed to life imprisonment in 1977. Even in prison, he did drug trafficking. His interviews while in jail revealed him to be unapologetic, unshackled, and unruly. In 2009, he was caught with a cell phone in the prison.

His relationships

Charles supposedly had multiple relationships and also had committed multiple rapes most of which were unreported. Matthew Roberts was said to have been the result of one such rape in 1967 of a woman who was part of the Manson family. In January 1955, he had married a hospital waitress called Rosalie Jean Willis who delivered a son named Charles Manson Jr aka Jay White in 1956.

Source: LA Times (Charles Manson)

She then drifted away from him due to his prison terms and went with another man. The couple divorced in 1958. Charles Jr. committed suicide in 1993. His son is Jason Freeman. He is a kickboxer and works on oil rigs.

In 1959, he also had married a prostitute named Leona which was probably a ploy to be out of prison. In 1963, the couple divorced and she claimed that he was the father of her child Charles Luther (born 1961). Charles Luther kept himself away from the spotlight and is said to have a daughter. He reportedly also fathered another son called Valentine Manson or Michael Brunner. His mother was Mary Brunner a Manson family follower.

Other kids who have been claimed to be his children include Rebecca, Kimberley Davis, Ivan (born 1969), and Angle (born 1970). Manson had admitted that he may be having more children about whom he also may not be aware.