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Christie Brimberry is an American public figure and the star of Fast N’ Loud, a show that aires on Discovery channel. She is also the office manager and assistant to Richard Rawlings at Gfamous and an only female face on the Gas Monkey Garage show as Monkey Garage.

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Christie Brimberry’s Birth facts, age, and Family

Christie Brimberry was born in the United States of America on 25th March, in the year 1972. She belongs to white American ethnicity. There are no further records found at the current time about her family.

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Christie Brimberry’s Relationship, marriage, husband, 6 children

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Christine married Daren Brimberry and has been blessed with six children. Daren her husband, is a talented hairstylist who works in a salon called “Muse The Salon”. She sometimes gets to work along with her husband as she revealed he is Richard’s hairdresser saying:

Fun fact. My husband is @RRRawlings hair dresser! #fastnloud.

The couple has been married for a long time and the relationship doesn’t seem to be fazed at all. It’s unlikely seeing this loving birds getting divorced anytime soon. She was a divorcee to another man before marrying Daren Bilberry.

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Christie Brimberry’s children

Christie has 6 children. The eldest child of the family is Malik Grinage, a boy born in July 1997 and is a 2016 graduate of Birdville High School in Texas.

She then gave birth to her second child a daughter Jordan Grinage (born 1999) two years after Malik was born. Jordan is all grown up currently and has turned herself into a fine dancer. She also has completed her high school from Birdville where she had won “MA National Dance Championships 2016/17” as a part of a dance team.

Your 2016-2017 Golden Motion Dance Team is ending the season undefeated. At one of the largest MA Nationals ever with 175 teams present GMDT was first place overall!!!!!!!

Posted by Birdville Dance Department on Saturday, March 25, 2017

Other members of the family include Abigale Grinage, Billie Modon, and others whom Christie Brimberry has not given much public exposure.

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Christie Brimberry’s Cancer Battle

Christie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in September 2016. By the time it was detected it had already spread to one of the lymph nodes. She had to encounter the surgical procedure in which her thyroid, cluster of Lymph nodes, and part of trachea were removed in October 2016. In the process, nerve responsible for the voice had also been cut with leaving her voiceless for months. She finally got recovered from cancer and became able to speak after going through several surgeries.

She calls her final stage of treatment and recovery as the hardest part as she had to go through difficult treatment procedures at the same time being away from family.

“The last week has been one of the hardest so far, having to take radioactive treatment for my cancer and being isolated from my family for the week. However, it gave me a lot of time to reflect, which is something I don’t have time to do most of the time between kids, husband, work and life.”

Since then she has been an active advocate of raising awareness and thyroid cancer, suggesting others to check on time and constantly reminding others about this disease.

Christie Brimberry’s Body Measurement

Christie Brimberry has an incredible body. Her figure has distinctive hourglass-shaped measurements. Brimberry wears 34DD bra size. Her body measurement is recorded to be 39-28-37 inches (99-71-94 cm). She weighs 74kg.

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