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Cassandra Peterson

Cassandra Peterson is an American actress who gained fame for her portrayal of the horror hostess Elvira. She is a talented actress with an envious filmography and great roles to boast about. Cassandra Peterson’s romantic life might not be all that lucky but nonetheless has been colorful!

Let us take a glimpse of her personal and professional life!

Quick Biography

Cassandra’s relationships

She was also in an affair with Welsh singer Tom Jones. In a 2004 interview, Cassandra Peterson revealed that she had lost her virginity to Tom Jones OBE. She also opened about her relationships with him. She said that he was a very aggressive lover and she had needed stitches due to it.

In 1967, Cassandra was in a relationship with English musician Jimmy Page.  It is said that she had rejected Jimmy Page later on. The same year, Cassandra had dated American singer Eric Burdon. In 1969, Cassandra Peterson was in a relationship with Elvis Presley. She also had a romantic fling with American guitarist Jimi Hendrix. She has dating actor Bill Cable for some time. But they soon broke up.

Source: Pinterest (Cassandra with daughter Sadie)

At the age of 30 years in 1981, Cassandra got married to actor Mark Pierson. Their daughter Sadie Pierson was born 13 years after their marriage on 12 October 1994. When Sadie was 9 years old, the couple separated. The divorce was finalized on 14 February 2003.

Cassandra’s growing years

Cassandra Peterson was born on 17 September 1951 in Manhattan, Kansas, the USA. She was raised in Randolph, Kansas. Her family migrated to Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a toddler, Cassandra had pulled over a tub containing boiling water with Easter eggs off the stove. She got more than 35% burnt and visibly scarred. She was bullied for it at school. Her Elvira costume only showed her good bits and hid her scarred parts. During her growing years, Cassandra had a fascination for horror-themed toys, unlike her other female friends who were totally into Barbie and such soft-natured toys.

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Her father was Dale Peterson. Her mother used to own a costume shop and often used to use Cassandra as a model. Remembering those days, Cassandra had said:

“I would pick out whatever was the hot costume that year—Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, I Dream Of Jeanie, Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke—and my mom would make one in my size, so I would wear costumes to school all the time. Everyone thought I was a total freak. But I knew I would grow up and wear a costume one day, and that’s exactly what happened.”

She was a rock-n-roll groupie and during her teens used to work as a go-go dancer in a local gay bar. She is an alumnus of the General William J. Palmer High School and had graduated from there in 1969.

Cassandra’s career

Cassandra worked as a dancer at a bar in Las Vegas and as a pop singer in Italy before she bagged the greatest role of her lifetime. She was a struggling actress in 1981 when she got the opportunity to host a horror show at an LA TV station. She created a wicked character called Elvira. The character’s dress had a plunging neckline. Talking about it, Cassandra said:

“I could hardly believe it. I really didn’t think they were going to let me on TV in that—rather revealing—outfit. It was local television, and they were looking for ratings, I guess. I thought ‘Oh this is a good gig. I can work one day a week and you know, make $300– have a regular check coming in,’” 

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But in 2 weeks, she had converted into a national figure. She was invited to various shows. She retained the rights of Elvira and not only acted but also produced and wrote the show. Her family’s Halloween costume shop was a big hit and every year from September to November, there was a big rush to pick up Halloween costumes for their shop. Cassandra used to assist her family in dealing with the mad rush during those 2-3 months. Elvira’s character was everywhere and it has kept Cassandra busy even now. She is invited for programs at various places in her famous Elvira costume. A host of Elvira-themed products was launched. She also played non-Elvira roles as well but they were not as famous as Elvira.