Cuban national hero Jose Marti and his political and literary career! A touchdown on his personal life!

Facts of Jose Marti

Full Name: Jose Marti
Age: 170 years 10 months
Birth Date: January 28,1853
Horoscope: Aquarius
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Stone: Amethyst
Lucky Color: Turquoise
Best Match for Marriage: Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius
Death Date: May 19,1985
Birth Place: Havana, Cuba
Father's Name: Mariano de los Santos Martí y Navarro,
Mother's Name: Leonor Antonia de la Concepción Micaela Pérez y Cabrera
Marital Status: Not Known
Gender: male
Profession: poet, essayist, journalist, translator, professor, and publisher,
Education: Complutense University of Madrid, University of Zaragoza
Nationality: Cuban
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Poet Jose Marti was also a Cuban National Hero. He was a revolutionary philosopher and was politically active. This Cuban patriot dedicated his life to the promotion of liberty and political independence of Cuba. His life story has served as an inspiration for many and his writings advocated and supported socialism.

Jose Marti pre-fame days

If we look at his biography, we see that Jose Marti is from Havana, Cuba. He was born here on 28 January 1853. His father Mariano Martí Navarro was a Spanish Valencian while his mother Leonor Pérez Cabrera was a native of the Canary Islands. He was the eldest and had 7 sisters. At age 4, the family migrated to Spain but 2 years later returned to Cuba.

Source: Famous People (Jose Marti)

He was put at the local school and his father took up the job of a prison guard nearby. In 1865, he joined Escuela de Instrucción Primaria Superior Municipal de Varones. Rafael María de Mendive was the head there and was influential in molding the mind of young Jose towards political activism. He was part of the group mourning of the death of Abraham Lincoln who had worked for the abolition of slavery.

In 1866, his studies at  Instituto de Segunda Ensañanza were financed by Mendive. He also started taking drawing classes at the Escuela Profesional de Pintura y Escultura de La Habana (Professional School for Painting and Sculpture of Havana) in September 1867. He could not flourish in this line.

Jose also entered the school of San Pablo, established and managed by Mendive, where he enrolled for the second and third years of his bachelor’s degree and assisted Mendive with the school’s administrative works. In 1868, he wrote a poem dedicated to Mendive’s wife and this was published in the local newspaper.

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The days of War

When the 10 years war broke out in Cuba in 1868, Jose started writing poems and also desired for the independence of Cuba. He did political writings and also wrote a patriotic drama in verse form. One of his famous poems, a sonnet “10 de Octubre” was also published around the same time in a school newspaper.

Source: Haitian Internet newsletter (Jose Marti)

He was against slavery and the Spanish rule of Cuba. In 1869, he had written a letter to his friend who had joined the Spanish army and this reached the hands of the Spanish Government who accused Jose of treason and bribery and put him in jail when he was 16 for 6 years. His parents tried to free him but failed. He became ill and in 1871 was dispatched off to Spain and allowed to study there in the local language.

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The years in Spain

In Spain, Jose met more of his friends and they formed a small group. He joined the law course at the Central University of Madrid. Here, he openly participated in debates and discourse on the Cuban issue. He wrote a tract that was to let the Spanish people know about their government’s brutalities in Cuba. He wrote more on this aspect and also hosted the Cuban flag at his house in Madrid for the first time.

Source: AZQuotes (Jose Marti)

In 1874, he got his degree in Civil Law and Canon Law. He became an external student at Zaragoza and later went to Paris. He then left for Mexico. He continuously wrote and fought for Cuban independence.

From 1875-1878, he was in Mexico and Guatemala and continued to write for Cuban independence and also about Mexico. He also published books. He was in the USA from 1880-1890 and in 1891-1894 was in Central America and the West Indies as well.

An uprising and return to Cuba-1895

He planned an uprising with his supporters and also managed to return to Cuba. The uprising took place on 24 February 1895. He made a manifesto 1 month later with Maximo Gomez. He also made his literary will and handed all his writings and manuscripts to Gonzalo de Quesada and instructed him to edit and arrange them in volumes.

Source: YouTube (Jose Marti)

Jose Marti death

He joined the Cuban rebels against the Spanish government and Jose was killed by the Spanish troops at the battle of Dos Rios on 9 May 1895. He was just 42 at that time. His death was a great setback to the Cuban rebels and though the fight continued there were periods of success and failures until 1998 when the USA entered the picture.

Source: Florida Memory (Jose Marti)

Jose Marti personal life

During his Mexico visit, Jose met Carmen Zayas Bazán whom he married in October 1878. His son Jose Francisco was born on 22 November 1878. His wife and son were in Havana but in 1891 they arrived for some time to New York.

Source: Pinterest (Jose Marti and his son)

But after realizing that his first love was Cuban independence, his family returned to Havana and could never meet him ever again. He was traumatized that his wife did not share his political convictions. He got close to Carmen Miyares de Mantilla, a Venezuelan who had a boarding house in NY. He fathered a daughter named María Mantilla with her. Maria is the mother of US actor Cesar Romero.

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