Dan Bilzerian appears to have married, or did he?

Dan Bilzerian, a poker player who also enjoys luxury and women, may have finally found love.

On July 24, 2022, the American-Armenian poker pro uploaded a potentially ground-breaking Instagram photo of himself walking down an aisle, in a suit, with a woman dressed in similar wedding gear.

He was dressed in a full black suit with a white shirt underneath and a bow tie and boutonnière to complete his ensemble. He rounded out his ensemble with mirror-polished black shoes and a hand item that could have been a diary or a smartphone.

The woman opposite him was dressed in a form-fitting, pale green satin gown that was well suited to the ceremonial event.

The woman alongside him was holding a white bouquet as they walked down a walkway covered with white flowers on both sides, giving off strong wedding sensations.

The caption was also ambiguous about what was happening in the image. “I did it,” stated Bilzerian in the message.

While the snapshot appears to show that he has finally married, others in the post’s comment area were not ready to believe that was the case.

People are skeptical that Dan Bilzerian married

The majority of the comments on his Instagram were just a bunch of laugh-cry emojis made by people who didn’t believe Bilzerian got married. Others were simply typing long “haha”s.

It wasn’t simply ordinary people who didn’t believe it. Even verified accounts, such as Harry Jowsey, Jay Rich, and Mike Holston, expressed amusement and amazement at the image. Dan Fleyshman even went so far as to capitalize the phrase “fake news.”

Some, on the other hand, believed and were sending in their congratulations. One of them was Lil Pump, who simply commented “Congratulations.”

Finally, a small group of individuals was discussing how Bilzerian, who was famed for always wearing shorts, was now wearing pants. Joey Swoll wrote, “You finally wearing pants?” followed by three laugh-cry emojis.

Anish also made a tuxedo pun, stating, “Price of Tuxedos recently went up.”

Looking at the picture with mistrust, it appears that he was not the groom. His partner could be a bridesmaid rather than his wife, and he could have simply attended a ceremony rather than having been married himself.

After all, he had previously stated publicly that marriage was not for him.

Perspectives on Marriage and Relationships by Dan Bilzerian

The “King of Instagram” has been outspoken about his views on marriage and relationships.

He also believes that divorces and government involvement in them are faulty. However, the poker pro has previously been in monogamous partnerships.

His most recent girlfriend was Sofia Beverly, and he dated former Playboy playmate Jessa Hinton before that. He was also in a year-and-a-half relationship with a 19-year-old, which ended recently.

These women may have matched his requirement of being on his “level, experience-wise,” as he discussed with Logan Paul a while back.