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Danielle Nicolet

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Danielle Nicolet birth, age, family, childhood

Going through her biography, we see that Danielle Nicolet was born as Danielle Patricia Diggs on 24 November 1973. Danielle’s, 43 birthplace is the working-class neighborhood of Ashtabula, Ohio, the USA. She is of African-American ethnicity. Her family moved to South Carolina for Danielle since she was good at sports and keen on pursuing a career in gymnastics. She was also good at acting and had participated in a number of school plays and dramas.

A knee injury left her unable to do the gymnasium and she switched to acting. Her mother is Patricia Rose an actress and casting director. She has a brother called Rick Nicolet who is a producer and writer. She attended acting college. Danielle Nicolet is very much afraid of heights. In an interview, Danielle had said:

“Oooh, I’m really scared of heights. I’m always afraid to admit that for fear that it will be used against me… Nothing worse than being up in a ferris wheel with someone who thinks it’s funny to rock the car because you’re freaking out!”

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Danielle Nicolet’s career, acting, and movies

Danielle Nicolet’s debut role was a recurring role in ‘Family Matters’ on ABC. She has done innumerable TV and film roles. She played Jenna in ‘Born Again Virgin’ (2015). She was the female lead Maggie in ‘Central Intelligence’ (2016) opposite Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

Danielle is a lady of many hats. She has also done some voice-over job for video games and animated series. Talking about these roles, Danielle had said that she enjoyed doing those since due to her height (she is just 5 feet tall), she would not get roles where she kicks the bad guys.

Source: Black Film (Danielle Nicolet in Central Intelligence)

But on the cartoons, she can voice for such characters and feel happy about it. She told:

“I do! I’ve gotten to voice some really “out there” characters. It may be the only time in my career that my 5-foot-nothing, 97-lb self will get to play a seriously ass-kicking superhero or gun-toting member of a comedic street gang!”

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Danielle Nicolet’s past relationships, marriage, and husband

Danielle Nicolet had dated a number of boyfriends and has been through heartbreaks. She had also landed in some really bad relationships and come out of it. In one interview, Danielle had talked about those bad days. She told ABC:

 “I went through a phase, before I met my husband, where I got out of like one bad relationship after another. And much like Jenna had this realization apparently I was super attracted to jacka****, like really good looking, really, really mean kind of idiotic jacka****. And I realized that maybe I needed to sort something out with myself,”

She had resorted to celibacy before she married and had not had premarital sex even with her current husband. She said:

 “…..Taking a break from sex enabled me to open my eyes, my mind and heart to a different type of man. I think taking that time really helped with opening me up to better relationships with sentimentally good men. I don’t know if these two are connected, but I met my husband. He was my next major relationship after that.”

Danielle Nicolet can relate herself to her role of Jenna in ‘Born again Virgin’. Danielle is married to Mike Kussman who is a builder and designer with SLTWTR Company. He oversees the making and designing of luxurious furniture. He trails along with his wife to red carpet events. Details about their wedding date, venue, and dating history is also unavailable. It is not known whether they have any children together.

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Danielle Nicolet social media

She has a massive following on her social media page. Her Instagram has over 250k followers, above 15.7k followers on Twitter, and around 6k followers on her Facebook page.

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