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Logan Moreau

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Five-year-old Logan Moreau, the cute little child actor on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie has won the hearts of millions worldwide by his great acting and enchanting innocent face and expressions. He is the most adorable kid on the block and people cannot but just love him. His different lovely poses in the movies have been appreciated and loved by one and all. He is the youngest Disney star and has commenced acting when he was just over 1 year of age.

Today we paint the life of this charming little star for his fans in order for them to know him better!

Logan Moreau’s Birth, Family, Parents, and Childhood

Logan Moreau was born on 27 January 2017 and his current age is 5 years. His birthplace was Los Angeles, California. His parents are of Spanish descent. This little actor is an elder brother to a cute little sister. His first spoken word was ‘kitty’. He has started acting and career as a child but his parents see to it that he does not lose his childhood in the process. Hence they take him for outings and trips to the aquariums since Logan loves to watch sea creatures. He also likes to play with toy cars and trucks, like a normal boy. Besides, he loves to wrestle and also plays peek-a-boo with his father. He loves avocados.

All aspects of Logan’s burgeoning career is looked into and managed by his efficient parents. His auditioning, filming, photo shoots are all looked into by them who currently serves as his managers as well.

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Logan Moreau’s first role in Good Luck Charlie

Logan’s first appearance in front of the camera was for the Disney TV show ‘Good Luck Charlie’. He portrays the character named Toby Duncan and Toby is the youngest member of the Duncan family. It was said that the character of Toby was not written in the script initially.

Source: Just Jared Jr (Logan with his co-star in Good Luck Charlie)

But when Leigh-Allyn Baker who plays the on-screen matriarch of the Duncan family called Amy Duncan became pregnant in 2012, she requested whether her pregnancy could be incorporated in the storyline. The producers complied and a fifth child was added in the story for the Duncan family. Amazing! It is also revealed that the name Toby was selected by an online poll held on disneychannel.com.

Source: YouTube (Logan and Mia Talerico in Good Luck Charlie)

Jake Cinoa had played the role of Toby in season 3 of the show. But it is said that he was not growing fast enough to reprise his role on the show and hence Logan was chosen instead though both Jake and Logan are of the same age. Logan was in the fourth season of the show and it ran from 2012 to 2013. Logan’s sweet smile and charming face succeeded in impressing the audience. He was the most liked and favorite star of the show.

His other shows and acts

Logan has also appeared on TV shows named ‘Jessie’ and ‘Bones’. In ‘Jessie’ he was cast in the episode called ‘Good Luck Jessie: New York Christmas’. In ‘Bones’, little Logan portrayed the character of Michael Vincent Hodgins in the episode called ‘The Nazi on the Honeymoon’. Logan has also acted in Nickelodeon’s animated series for preschoolers called ‘Team Umizoomi’. He also had a wonderful photo shoot in 2014 and these wonderful and beautiful pictures of Logan are available on his website. Logan has a Facebook and Twitter account, but both of these are operated by his parents.

Source: Pinterest (Logan Moreau)

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