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That Poppy is a new name in the world of YouTube! She has been gaining popularity due to multiple reasons! It is her captivating beauty and sweet voice but most importantly it is the mystery that surrounds her! Her life and videos are shrouds in ambiguity and it is this obscurity that pushes people to look more of her videos in an effort to find the answers. But then the answers are never there!

Some people think that she is being imprisoned and forced to do the videos. Some feel that she is actually a cult leader. But these are all speculations with no proofs. And her interview only adds to the confusion!

Quick Biography

That Poppy’s interview

Poppy was interviewed by Circa and this is what she said! When asked whether she has any boyfriend and is dating anyone, Poppy said:

“They won’t let me.”

When asked who ‘they’ are, her answer was even more perplexing. The mystery surrounding her is intentional probably to garner more fan base. But then her YouTube channel’s subscriber counters have been disabled making it difficult to know the exact count of her subscribers which definitely would be enormous.

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In an interview given to TTFMagTv YouTube channel, she said that her visual aesthetic is like a ‘barbie Kawaii child’. In another radio interview, Poppy kept calling herself in the third person and said that she is a vegan and non-smoker. She also said that her YouTube videos were made by Titanic Sinclair.

The singer Poppy

People know that Poppy who is being interviewed is a YouTuber and singer. She is said to be born on 1 January 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee and her age is 16 years. Her real name is Moriah Pereira. Regarding her parents, her father was a drummer with a band. She learned dancing for 11 years. She used to sing and perform at festivals, parties, and events.

Source: Racked (Poppy)

She joined the Twitter in January 2011 and started her YouTube channel in October 2011. On her YouTube, she uploads vlogs and her music videos. She is a teen sensation and has gained fame with her singles ‘Lowlife’ and ‘Everybody wants to be Poppy’. She also does tours and has won the 2017 Streamy award for the Breakthrough Artist of the Year. She has also appeared on the Kids React Channel.

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Is the Poppy on ‘I’m Poppy’ real?

People have been left confused about the girl on the YouTube channel ‘That Poppy’ which was launched in November 2014. She resembles the singer Poppy but many a time one gets the feeling that she is not real and could be Illuminati! It could be a mix of real and anime. She speaks in a childish and robotic tone.

She repeats choice phrases. In one video she repeats ‘I’m poppy’ for 10 minutes. The videos are only getting darker. In some videos, there are talking mannequins. The videos only get weirder with time.

Source: YouTube (Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair)

Some videos seem to suggest the YouTube music band Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair who made music from 2009 to 2015 before Mars stopped and disappeared. Titanic Sinclair is the mastermind and director behind this all. Poppy had moved to LA in 2014 to pursue a music career and also tied up with Titanic Sinclair for the unusual videos.

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