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Youtube star Ethan Dolan, one of the duo of Dolan Twins has been suffering from both mental and physical problem and he opened up about his issue on social media this week. Let’s find out the reasons!

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Ethan Dolan’s Mental and Physical Health

Donald Twins recently celebrated their four million subscribers on Youtube and just the day after that he opened about the hand surgery. He announced that he recently underwent hand surgery and won’t be able to post the video at the moment. He broke his hand because he jammed his finger and it’s not because of making videos. He announced on Twitter that he is going to take a break to heal his hand and take care of his health.

“Prob not going to be able to get a video up,” he wrote. “Sorry guys… just had hand surgery today and recovering. I’ll be okay, all good.”

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Many people were not aware of Ethan going under the knife but fans of the Dolan Twins were quick to assure him. The fans were very supportive of him as no one have to apologize for taking care of their own health. Health always comes first. To support him one fan wrote-

“Ethan, please don’t apologize. Rest yourself and we will be waiting here when you are ready to come back,” one wrote

“Totally agree, take your time,” another echoed. “We’ll still be here when you’re ready so don’t feel rushed.”

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But it is not the only reason Ethan has been posting about his bad mental health. The happy and funny Dolans who were the vine star before they took over youtube are not in a happy place right now. Ethan opened up about his struggle with the mental health. Recently He wrote on Twitter –

“I need to chill tf out. I stress myself out so much sometimes wtf is my deal.”

Following the that he again tweeted- “I’m done faking it I’m honestly at a really shitty place mentally

To his confession, many celebs, as well as fans, were there to support him and let him know that he is not alone. Many YouTubers including Tana MongeauRicky Dillon, and Caspar Lee, have shown their support.

Fans Support-

Back in 2016 Grayson Dolan of The Dolan Twins revealed that he was suffering from the serve anxiety which he opened about in the emotional video.

“Sometimes I have anxiety attacks so bad that I fall on the floor and I literally can’t move and I feel like I can’t breathe and I feel like I’m gonna die”

Looks like the other Dolan 17 years old is also suffering the same problem. We hope both the brother are ok and Ethan feels better! We are thinking of Ethan and hopes he recover soon. Your fans will be waiting for you!

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Ethan Dolan in motorbike accident

On August 6th, 2018, Ethan’s twin brother Grayson posted a picture of himself with Ethan in a hospital bed after a motorbike accident.

He posted on Twitter he is doing good but will not be riding again.

He added:

 “I realise no matter your ability, anything can happen.”