Evan Roberts considers every woman to be a hero for enduring childbirth

Evan Roberts, an American sports radio presenter, and his wife welcomed their second child.

In a radio interview, Roberts expressed his thanks to his wife and all the women who went through the process during the pandemic.

Quick Biography

Getting Married To A Hero

Following the birth of his second child, Roberts appeared from the hospital in his WFAN episode, Joe and Evan, to discuss his joyful experience.

Within the first minute of the broadcast, Joe, another co-host of the radio show, expressed his thankfulness.

Joe and Roberts began the conversation by discussing the game, but Joe swiftly turned the subject and inquired about Roberts’ family.

Roberts responded in the most animated tone,

“It was fantastic… We’ve stated it before, but let me reiterate. I don’t know how you do it, but all the women out there are the best things in the world… I’m not sure how you go through 8 months of growing a baby inside you… And I have no idea how you get through birth and everything else after that.”

The father of two admitted that he had the easy part and praised his wife, Sylvia, as well as all the other women. He went on to say,

“So my wife is a hero, as are all the ladies out there, because it is incredible… You know I had the easy part? Consoling her and the baby is the easy part; they do all the hard work. I’ll tell you what, they’re heroes.”

Evan explained that he couldn’t leave the hospital since he wouldn’t be able to return owing to Covid procedures. So he made the decision to stay with his wife till she was released from the hospital.

His delight and eagerness for becoming a new father were palpable. But it is the gentleman’s respect and gratitude of his wife and all the women that warms our hearts.

Four-Person Family

The low-key radio personality now appears to be enjoying his time with his four-person family.

His second son, who was born in October 2020, will shortly turn one. Jett, his first child, will be five years old in September.

The piece with Joe was not the only time the world saw his enthusiasm for birthing. In November of 2016, He shared a photo of his firstborn and commented on how quickly time passed for him.

Despite his dislike for publicizing his personal life on social media, Roberts occasionally takes his wife, Sylvia, to his podcast show, The Evan Roberts Podcast.

Roberts discusses his first date with his wife in a video posted by the WFAN radio show. He describes how they met at a nice Saturday afternoon brunch, and how things progressed from there.

While the 38-year-old sports star has kept his personal life private, his business life has been public for some time.

A Childhood Dream Has Come True

Most people recognize Evan from his WFAN radio show, but few realize he has been involved with the show since he was nine years old.

Getting a career at WFAN was a childhood ambition of the 38-year-old.

Caitlin Fichtel interviewed the radio presenter almost 11 years ago, and he revealed how he used to impersonate WFAN in his bedroom as a child.

He went on to say that he had always told his parents that he wanted to be in the WFAN and that he was a huge WFAN fan. As a result, his desire to work on the show grew stronger after he put together a video and sent it to the studio.

He was contacted to fill in on the morning show when he was only nine years old, much to his astonishment.

The 38-year-old, who is also a keen METS fan, had some advice for all broadcast fans 11 years ago.

When asked what aspiring broadcasters should focus on, he answered,

“Read a lot, learn a lot, keep up with people… whether the topic is sports history or American history”

One thing has always gone overlooked in his wonderful professional existence. Evan used to be a child actor.

In 1997, the host participated in the film Private Parts, directed by Howard Stern.

But his acting career never progressed to the huge screens of Hollywood. His professional existence as a host, on the other hand, has always been lucrative.

Any information about Evan’s earnings is scarce. However, based on other WFAN hosts’ pay and his career, his net worth could be in the millions.