Who is the face behind ‘HowToBasic’ YouTube channel? Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Face Reveal

Who is the face behind ‘HowToBasic’ YouTube channel? Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Face Reveal

Facts of HowToBasic

Full Name:HowToBasic
Age:42 years 11 months
Birth Date:July 08, 1979
Lucky Number:7
Lucky Stone:Moonstone
Lucky Color:Silver
Best Match for Marriage:Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio
Birth Place:Sydney, Australia
Marital Status:Single
Hair Color:Light Brown
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Facebook Profile/Page:
Twitter Profile:
Instagram Profile:
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Official Website:
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About ‘HowToBasic’ YouTuber

HowtoBasic is an anonymous Australian YouTuber who uploads instructional crazy tutorials on how to do things. The tutorials are however psychopathic and contain abnormal and chaotic actions employing mainly eggs. The person who posts these videos resides in a suburb called Cannington in Perth, Australia.

The person’s name is Warren and we can see and hear him in those videos that are created by Maxmoefoe. However, none of the videos display his face up front.

Source: Reddit (Some people have claimed that this is the person behind HowToBasic)

There are also some videos posted which are created as a PC Build Video with Faceless.

HowtoBasic’s real name is still a mystery. The person seen in the video has denied that his name is Aaron Jackson. Some have said that his first name is Patrick. YouTuber Jack Douglass claimed that the anonymous YouTuber is his college roommate named Darren Cunningham. Several fellow YouTubers have attempted to find out the true identity of the video maker but in vain.

It is believed that the person smashing the eggs has a goatee-type of beard. It is believed that he has a chicken farm in his backyard. He could be getting the eggs from this poultry farm. He also has a German Shepherd dog. It has been said that he has brothers named Dan, Joshua, and Steven. 8th July 1979 is the day he was born and Sydney is his birthplace.

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About the videos posted on HowtoBasic YouTube channel

The videos which are created for this channel deal mainly with eggs and other food items. The setting is usually the kitchen of a house. The main poster screen of the channel also has the picture of a partly broken egg. In the videos one can see throwing, smashing, and mixing of various food ingredients against the kitchen countertops or onto the floor of the kitchen.

This is done in no systemic manner but follows a random pattern. This results in a general mess and the randomness of the whole smashing and breaking produces a comedic element to the video. A lot of eggs is used in the channel’s videos. The person accepts that egg-fetish exists. Chicken meats and raw fish are also utilized in this throwing entertainment game. There are also some dolls and printed matter involved.

The HowtoBasic’s videos at the start give a feeling that they are real videos which are going to teach you on how o do a particular task, but soon change course somewhere in between and go on to take the look of the psychopathic videos as described above.

Source: Youtube (One of the challenge video on HowToBasic channel)

The YouTube channel HowtoBasic is still active and there have been more than 465 videos posted till date. The launch date of this channel is 8th December 2011. The videos are uploaded monthly. It is in the comedy genre and deals with ‘How to do’ concept. There are more than 9 million subscribers to this channel. The person has his own Twitter and Facebook accounts.

He is also active on the merch media as well. His most watched video is the 0.46-minute video titled ‘How to put on the condom’. He is said to have a net worth of around $ 1 million.

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Controversies surrounding ‘HowToBasic’ channel

Considering the amount of food wasted during the creation of this channel, people and activists have heavily criticized this channel and come down heavily on it. This has landed the channel into getting some bad name and has been dubbed as controversial. There are others who are just amused by the whole thing and some who put down their opposition to the food wastage in a funny way thus:

“Children in Africa could have eaten (object/food item)”

Source: TubeFilter (The egg act on HowToBasic)

There are people who are agitated at these funny comments about Africa posted by some as they feel that they are indirectly motivating the person making the videos to waste more food. It has however been said that the person who runs this channel works at a grocery store and only expired quality foods are used in the making of the video.

Some of the HowtoBasic’s videos were removed since they did not meet the community guidelines laid down. Some of this displayed nudity or animal abuse or some such reason, thus the controversy.

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‘HowToBasic’ face revealed

On March 14, 2018, he uploaded a video titled Face Reveal. Watch him here!

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