Fact About Brooke Pumroy The Student-Turned-Wife Of Tyler Summitt’s

After an adulterous affair, controversial basketball coach Tyler Summitt married former Marquette student-athlete Brooke Pumroy. Brooklyn Pumroy Summitt, as she is now known, and Tyler Summitt have experienced ups and downs as a result of their scandalous romance.

The son of famed coach Pat Summitt claimed that he underwent treatment to overcome the stress and regrets that had caused him to damage so many people. Many people have been wondering what happened to Tyler Summitt’s now-wife since the previous interview. In Brooke Pumroy’s wiki, we reveal everything there is to know.

Brooke Pumroy’s Parents

Brooklyn Paige Pumroy was born in Fairborn, Ohio on November 16, 1993. Brooke is another name for her.

She is one of Rick and Michelle Pumroy’s two children. Jordan Pumroy, Brooke’s younger brother, is also a basketball player. He was a member of Wittenberg University’s football team.

Brooke Pumroy’s College Experience

Marquette University was the first stop for the Fairborn High School basketball player. Tyler Summitt was the first-year assistant coach at the time she played there, from 2012 to 2014.

Throughout two seasons, she had amassed amazing stats. Many people were astonished when Pumroy decided to transfer to Louisiana Tech University.

Tyler Summit and Brooke Pumroy’s Relationship

Tyler Summitt, who married Anne Ragsdale in 2012, was an assistant coach at Marquette. Louisiana Tech hired him as head coach of the women’s basketball team in 2014.

The abrupt transfer of Brooklyn Pumroy to LA Tech at the same time raised some suspicions. Basketball fans suspected an illicit affair between the player and her coach.

Former teammates of Pumroy claimed she had told them about her relationship with the coach. They said that it was a well-kept secret among the athletic staff.

Coach Summitt was viewed as favoring Pumroy by the team. The tension grew to the point where there were violent incidents inside the team, and they lost numerous games.

Tyler Summitt, the son of famed coach Patricia Summitt, left LA Tech in 2016. He divorced Ragsdale the next year.

Breck, Tyler and Pumroy’s son, was born on July 20, 2018. On December 15, 2018, the pair married.

Brooke Pumroy and Tyler Summitt
Brooke Pumroy and Tyler Summitt(source: USA Today)

Brook Pumroy’s High School Coaching Scandal

In 2019, Brooklyn Pumroy Summitt was named head coach of the women’s basketball team at her alma mater, Fairborn High School. Her husband was identified as an assistant coach in the school’s press release announcing her hire.

“It will be fantastic coaching alongside my husband, Tyler Summitt, who will be our varsity assistant coach,” she said. The statement sparked a storm of criticism.

The athletic director quickly emphasized that Tyler Summitt had neither applied for nor been hired for the position. Brooke and the school miscommunicated, according to the quote.

Tyler has resigned from professional coaching, but Brooke supposedly continues to coach at Fairborn High. As the beneficiary of his mother’s state pension, he reportedly receives more than $173,000 every year.