Facts About Ed Asner’s First Wife Nancy Sykes

Ed Asner, a beloved Hollywood actor, died in August 2021, garnering attention to his survivors, including his wife and children. Many admirers are especially interested in Asner’s first marriage.

Nancy Sykes and Ed Asner had three children together after being married for nearly 30 years. Sykes was also active in the cinema and television industries. We have answers on our Nancy Sykes wiki for those who wish to know more about who Nancy Sykes is.

Nancy Sykes: Who Is She?

There is little information available about Nancy Sykes’ early life, such as her birthplace or date of birth. She was born in 1930, according to one source. Nothing is known about Sykes’ family. Her son Matthew Asner claims she spent summers as a child on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The Marriage of Nancy Sykes and Ed Asner

Nancy Sykes married Ed Asner in 1959. It’s unclear how they met or how long they dated before marrying. The pair settled in Los Angeles, California, where Asner found success as a television actor.

One of his most well-known appearances was as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, for which he received three Emmy nominations for best-supporting actor.

The couple divorced in 1988, allegedly after Asner acknowledged having a son with another woman.

Ed Asner’s First Wife Nancy Sykes
Ed Asner’s First Wife Nancy Sykes (source: deshare)

Children of Nancy Sykes

On September 9, 1963, Nancy and Ed became parents to twins Matthew and Liza Asner. Three years later, in 1966, Kate Asner joined the family.

Matthew is a Hollywood multi-hyphenate. He has directed and produced hundreds of documentaries and shorts, including the award-winning 100 Voices: A Journey Home and episodes of History’s Mysteries on the History Channel. He also contributed to several of the features.

He has appeared in television shows such as Growing Pains, Thirtysomething, and L.A. Law. He also serves as the president and CEO of The Ed Asner Family Center.

Liza is another director-producer-writer by Asner. She has three roles in the upcoming film Be Careful What You Wish For. Father Ed Asner and actress June Squibb star in the Thanksgiving-themed short. Sister Kate will play herself in the film.

Kate, the youngest of the three, is a prolific actor who has acted in shows such as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Hughleys, and Malcolm in the Middle, among others. She also appeared in the box office smash What Women Want.

The career of Nancy Sykes

Nancy Sykes worked as a crew member on several film and television production sets between 1993 and the early 2010s, according to IMDb. She usually provided craft services, but she was also a stand-in for the films Shadowhunter (1993) and Fast Getaway II (1994). (1994).

In 2012, she appeared in the Disney series Kickin’ It. Since then, Sykes’ disappearance from the spotlight has prompted many to wonder, “Is Nancy Sykes still alive?”

Nancy, sadly, appears to have died in 2019. In April 2019, her son Matthew devoted a post to her, stating, “It’s been a week since you’ve been gone. My feelings are still raw. But I’m beginning to change emotionally. You are always by my side. You live on through my sisters, my wife, your grandchildren, and all the people you loved and who loved you.”

He remembered her with a photo collage a year later, on April 19, 2020. “It’s been one year,” the caption stated. It is still painful. I wish you could be here. I imagine the fascinating discussions we could have had regarding quarantine life. “I adore you, Mom.”