Facts You Should Know About Jesus Condom

Get all the fascinating information about Jesus Condom, a famous Florida man with a humorous moniker.

Florida is home to some of the most famous and spectacular occurrences in history, and Jesus Condom is undoubtedly one of them. The name itself is pretty dramatic and undoubtedly ranks among the funniest, most unsuitable names of all time. If you thought his name was horrible, keep reading for his actions were much worse.

Two years have passed since a guy with the pitiful name of Jesus Condom dishonored the sacred name by taking part in a heinous crime. It was shocking the 28-year-old was previously detained for attempting to kidnap a female. Stay put as we bring you all the fascinating and disturbing information regarding Jesus Condom’s life.

Jesus Condom Was Arrested From Florida

Jesus Condom kept adding to the huge list of insane Florida men who never cease to astound the globe with their astounding mischief. He made headlines two years ago when he was detained for attempting to entice some kids to his car, whereas some Florida dude in gloves stole all the chicken wings from 7-Eleven yesterday night.

In November 2020, condoms made their debut appearance in the media—and not in the best manner. After an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap a little girl, Sunrise cops took him to the police station. Although not much was known about the Florida native’s motivations at the time, any kidnapping attempt is completely inappropriate.

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning when Jesus Condom drove up alongside Nob Hill Road in front of a 12-year-old middle school girl in his blue-green Honda Civic. Later reports revealed that the young girl had started heading to school at 7:50 AM.

Jesus, the name’s negative example, repeatedly offered her a ride despite her steadfast refusal. According to the schoolgirl’s account of the police, Condom even yelled and cursed at her. She fled to the police while the Florida man continued to threaten her, which allowed her to get out of a terrible position.

The 12-year-old recognized Jesus Condom as a simple target for arrest when Sunrise police discovered him and his vehicle in the 7800 block of Northwest 44th Street.

Jesus Condom
Jesus Condom(Source: Twitter)

Jesus Condom History To Entice Children

His reports didn’t paint him in a favorable light because Sunrise Police revealed that they were even looking into him for a related incident that happened on November 7, 2018. The incident was not much different as Condom persuaded three elementary school-aged girls from Village to board his vehicle. In one case, though, the youngsters refused, so instead of continuously teasing them, he drove off.

Following the second attempt to kidnap the 12-year-old girl, Condom was arrested in Broward County on suspicion of attempting to falsely imprison a minor under the age of thirteen. He acknowledged that he had been sober for a year before that.

Before, Jesus Condom was imprisoned

Jesus Condom had been to the police station and the jail before since he had committed numerous crimes, including armed and unarmed burglary. Unexpectedly, his prior prison experience inspired him to discover how he discovered the deity of captivity.

The prosecutor for Jesus revealed that Condom was also facing burglary and probation violation charges. He was released from the state prison early, on March 31, 2017. The jury concluded that he posed a threat to the neighborhood in general and young children in particular. Jesus was required to wear a GPS monitor to avoid any contact with children after being booked into jail in case his bail was approved.