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Faryal Makdoom

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Faryal Makhdoom’s birth and childhood7

Faryal Makhdoom was born on July 27, 1991, in Brooklyn, New York, the USA. Her mother is Zia Makhdoom and father Shaukat Makhdoom. The family has a Pakistani background and Faryal Makhdoom has basically grown up in New York. She has a brother called as Mohammed Makhdoom.

Source: Daily Mail (Faryal Makhdoom)

Faryal Makhdoom did her schooling in New York. She later attended Rutgers University School of Arts & Sciences and did a double Major in Political Science and journalism.

Faryal Makhdoom’s career

Faryal Makhdoom has her own Instagram account on which she has more than 750000 followers. She usually posts her pictures on this social media account and these are admired greatly by her fans and followers. She was a social media star and model and used to provide beauty tips to fans on perfect makeups.

She is also active on the Twitter account and it was through her Twitter that nasty allegations were fired to and fro between her and her husband,Amir Khan. She has 178k followers on her Twitter account.

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Source: The Sun (Faryal Makhdoom)

Faryal Makhdoom fell into trouble with her conservative Muslim in-laws when she had posted a close-up view selfie of herself on her social media account which appeared that she was scantily dressed in it. Her parents-in-law, Falek and Sajjad, and her sister-in-law had some reservations on this posting.

Faryal had retorted back on Twitter and also mentioned that Falek and Sajjad were trying to break up her relations with her husband. She had also alleged that her sister-in-law had beaten her up when she was in advanced pregnancy with her first child.

Faryal Makhdoom’s engagement to Amir Khan

Faryal Makhoom was introduced to Amir Khan through a mutual friend. Amir Khan had already made a name in the boxing arena. He was 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist and former 2x 140 lb Champion of the World in boxing. In 2011, the two were engaged. Faryal Makhdoom was 20 years old at that time.

He had given £100,000 engagement ring to Faryal at that time. It was an intercontinental relationship. Amir Khan had said that his marriage will not distract him from winning in the ring. He had said:

“Marriage won’t change me. I’ll stay the way I am. My fiancée understands the way I am and she knows what comes first for me. My sport has always been there. I want to dedicate myself to fighting for the next couple of years. She’s cool with that. And our families help. They really get on.”

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Source: Siasat.pk (Faryal and Amir with their respective families)

He had further added:

“She’s not seen the ring yet, in fact I’ve not seen her since we got engaged, so it will be good to catch up.”

Faryal Makhdoom- marriage, daughter, pre-marital and marital problems

During the engagement period in 2012, Amir Khan had posted a picture of himself with a minimally-dressed Las Vegas pole dancer. Amir Khan was picturized holding wads of cash in his hands. Faryal was upset with this posting but later on, decided to stand by her man quoting trust as the reason! (a decision which she would regret later on in life!). He was also accused of having bedded Natalie Fox just 2 weeks before his engagement.

In spite of all these pre-marital signs of impending unhappiness, Faryal went ahead and got married to Amir Khan on May 31, 2013. The ceremony was grand and fun-filled. The couple appeared happy. Daughter Lamisah was born a year later. But problems of Faryal with her in-laws had already made headways. The couple still kept a cool public appearance. Amir Khan was estranged from his parents and did not attend his brother Haroon’s wedding.

Source: Daily Mail (Amir, Faryal, and daughter Lamisah)

In early 2017, a sex tape of Amir Khan was leaked online where he was seen doing sex on himself as he spoke to a woman on Skype. The lady was a female model from Arizona, the US. It was said that the 2 knew each other since 2010. Faryal and Amir again gave a united public front. But soon they had a massive public online showdown on Twitter.

Amir Khan accused her of having a relationship with fellow colleague Anthony Joshua. Faryal also hit back calling Amir a drunkard, cheat, and a liar. Amir Khan said on Snapchat that he has filed for divorce from Faryal and then was sighted in Dubai with a Pakistani brunette model called Alyzeh Gabol.

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