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Lashana Lynch’s range as an actor has no bounds, having played the aristocratic Rosaline Capulet in the ABC historical drama Still Star-Crossed, the tenacious Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, and soon the unmatched lethal Nomi in the upcoming Bond series No Time to Die.

Lynch earned a degree in acting from the Arts Educational School in London, where she was born to Jamaican immigrants. Lynch has come a long way since making her film debut in the dud drama Fast Girls and has starred in a couple of top films. Everything about Lynch’s life has become a hot issue during this momentous time in her career.

Who is the husband of Lashana Lynch?

Since she hit big with Captain Marvel and became an instant star, Lynch has maintained her candor and catered to her fans’ curiosity. However, Lynch’s intentional reticence over her romantic life has led many to wonder whether the British actress is lesbian. We have a hint that may or may not be true.

Damola Adelaja is the most likely candidate thus far, even though Lashana hasn’t remarked on it.

The couple has reportedly been dating for some time, according to Hollywood Magazine. Lynch and Damola have both kept their admiration for one another on Instagram unabashed but unclear.

Adelaja, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and actor and director, is most known for his work on the films Y Syrcas, Fela / Sidy, and Rag Tag. In 2019, Damola shared a photo of himself and Lynch with the remark, “Date night.” There was a recent report that the pair were secretly married.

Fans are obviously in awe of the couple on Instagram, but insiders tell us that they are now only dating. They don’t want anything to ruin their career because it is still in its infancy, according to a source. Lynch’s current marital status is therefore unmarried.

Lashana Lynch's Husband .
Lashana Lynch’s Husband(Source: Distractify)

upcoming projects for Lynch!

Lashana keeps getting important parts in significant enterprises. In addition to the highly anticipated 25th installment of the Bond franchise, which she will star in alongside Daniel Craig and which will be released on October 8, 2021, she will also soon have Ear For Eye in theaters.

Lashana’s net worth has also increased dramatically as a result of her few significant successes in recent years, but a celebrity has also brought the first Bond girl a great deal of hate and harsh criticism. Lynch, however, responded to critics with confidence and made it clear that she doesn’t put up with trolls.

According to a recent source, Lashana will also star in the Netflix movie adaptation of the musical Matilda.

Together with Alisha Weir and Emma Thompson, she has now officially joined the cast. It will be helmed by Matthew Warchus and will be based on the Roald Dahl novel. The movie has yet to have an official release date, though.