How old is Zahir Wilburn? Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Parents, Instagram

Future Zahir

Future Zahir Wilburn is the son of rapper Future with singer Ciara. He is just 3-years-old now but his name has already been splashed in the tabloids mainly due to the bitter custody battle between his parents for him! But the seed of his career has also been sown and he has a little independent entity of his own now!

Let us have the highlights of his life till now!

Quick Biography

Future Zahir Wilburn’s Birth, Childhood, Parents, and family

Future Zahir Wilburn is the only child of R&B singer Ciara and rapper Future. He was born on 19 May 2014 and is now 3 years old. Future Zahir was the first child of Ciara. Ciara and Future were engaged in October 2013, but the engagement was called off in 3 months after Future Zahir was born.

Source: Billboard (Future Zahir with mom)

Ciara had called off the engagement claiming that Future had not been loyal to her. For future, on the other hand, Future Zahir is his fourth child since he already had three children with three women before. He has one child each with Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, and India J.

It was reported by ”Media Take Out’ that another woman Stacey8629 had disclosed on her Instagram account in March 2014 that she was pregnant with Future’s child and was three months pregnant. Brittni had also responded to this post but the account was later cleaned off. Ciara has also gone on and married Russell Wilson who is the quarterback of Seattle Seahawks.

They started dating in 2015 and got engaged on 11 March 2016. They tied the knot on 6 July 2016. Ciara has a daughter with him who is called Sienna Princess Wilson.

Future Zahir was born healthy with a weight of 9 pounds and 10 ounces.

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The custody battle

Ciara and Future had gone to court over the custody of Future Zahir.  There was a bitter custody battle after which they reached a settlement in which they would have joint custody of their child. Future Zahir would spend the majority of his time with Ciara and Future would have visitation rights whenever he is in Atlanta and not touring.

Source: Buzzfeed (Future and Ciara)

This joint custody settlement came 2 weeks after the two had gone public with their fights. Future had complained on a radio channel that Ciara did not allow him to see his child. He had also earlier tweeted in anger:

“this b—h got control problems.”

In retaliation, Ciara also filed a defamation case against Future stating that these bad comments impacted her career negatively.

Future Zahir’s Career and Net worth

Future Zahir’s name was in every newspaper and magazines when there were legal proceedings and fights ongoing for his custody between his parents. He bagged his first commercial wherein he starred in Gap Kids’ back-to-school campaign in July 2017. Mama Ciara had tweeted:

“I’m so proud,”

Little Future Zahir seems to have taken the world of modeling by storm. Ciara had also written that she is holding back happy tears as she sees her 3-year-old son’s picture in his first commercial venture. In the ad, Future Zahir is seen running along a beach in his meteor-emblazoned cardigan and white Velcro sneakers.

Future also congratulated his kid.

With such a dashing and adorable start, Future Zahir definitely is here to stay!

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Future Zahir Wilburn ‘s social media

He is still a very young man but has social media accounts, managed by the help of some adult friends. He has over 4k followers on Instagram bu seems to be absent on Twitter and Facebook handle.