The gruesome murders! Know about the American serial killer and rapist of teen boys, John Wayne Gacy-his marriages, work, positions held, and murders!

Facts of John Wayne Gacy

Full Name:John Wayne Gacy
Age:81 years 0 months
Birth Date:March 17,1942
Lucky Number:6
Lucky Stone:Aquamarine
Lucky Color:Sea Green
Best Match for Marriage:Cancer, Scorpio
Birth Place:Chicago, Illinois
Father's Name:John Stanley Gacy
Mother's Name:Marion Elaine Robinson
Marital Status:Divorce
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Black
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The trap and the crime

John Wayne Gacy seemed to have it all-a a lovely wife, children, good earnings, and a prestigious position with the Waterloo Jaycees. But Gacy fell into the wrong side of the law. His growing need to have sex with young male teens made him lure them into the basement room of his house for alcohol and porn movies. Once they were heavily drunk, he would sexually assault them.

Source: Petrotimes (Gacy and wife0

15-year-old Donald Voorhees was one of his victims who was told to do oral sex on Gacy. He reported the matter to his father who then alerted the police and Gacy was caught. Many more teenagers came forward to complain about the matter and in 1968, Gacy was arrested, faced trial, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The release and more crimes and then murders

John Wayne Gacy behaved well in prison and was released in 1971 due to good behavior. His wife had by then divorced him and left with her children. Gacy went back to Chicago and started staying with his mother and working as a cook and in construction there. But he restarted the sexual assault on teenage boys but was not caught.

He mistakenly killed a boy whom he had brought home. But he realized that the kill had given him intense sexual arousal and he started killing male teens and burying the corpses in the crawl space under his house. He also remarried Carole Hoffe who had 2 daughters from a previous relationship. On a boy’s complaint, he was arrested but again the charges were dropped.

Source: CVLT Nation (Gacy used to work as a clown at kid parties; hence called as Clown Killer)

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The buried bodies started emitting a foul smell and neighbors complained. In 1974, he started a new business and hired teens for it. He lured them to his house and resorted to sadism which would kill them. He continued to maintain a good face in society. After his disclosure that he is attracted to young boys, his second wife divorced him.

John Wayne Gacy killed and buried 29 boys in his house from 1976 to 1978 and due to lack of space in his house, he dumped four more bodies into the Des Moines River. On a missing complaint about a boy, the police started investigating and were told about the boy having met and spoken to Gacy. But Gacy blatantly denied having talked to the boy. The police got suspicious and did a background check of Gacy.

Source: Morbid Interest (The victims of Gacy)

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The search warrant and arrest

Gacy was the prime suspect and in 1978 a search warrant was issued. His house was searched and pornographic material seized. On the first search, no bodies or the missing boy was found and he was put under surveillance. It was later found that some of the evidence collected from Gacy’s house belonged to the missing boy Priest. In-depth interrogation of people close to him revealed that he has asked people to dig trenches in the crawl space of his house. Realizing that he might be caught soon, Gacy started behaving abnormally and even confessed to people about the killings.

Source: AZ Quotes (his unashamed quotes)

A second search was conducted and this time the crawl space was also looked into and the police were shocked by their find there! Gacy admitted to the murders and said that the figure could be as high as 45. 25 of the 33 bodies found could be identified and DNA testing as done on the remaining from 2011 to 2016.

Trial and sentence

He was put on trial which started in 1980. His attempt to state that he was insane fell flat, and he was handed a death sentence. He was killed by injection of a lethal drug on 9 May 1994. His last words were ‘Kiss My Ass’.

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About John Wayne Gacy’s early life

Gacy was born on 17 March 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the only son of three children. His father was John Stanley Gacy (1900-1969) who worked an auto repair mechanic and was a World War I veteran. His mother was Marion Elaine Robinson (1908-1989) who was a homemaker. He had a mixed ethnicity; Polish and Danish. His relations with his father were difficult. He did not receive any approval from his father even though he tried hard for it. He also faced severe punishment from his father for any wrongs Gacy did. He left home for Las Vegas and started work first in an ambulance service and later was transferred to the mortuary.

Source: The Crime Mag (Gacy as a teenager)

He once entered into the coffin of a dead boy and caressed him. He was sexually aroused by it and also shocked. He returned home and though a school drop-out, he gained admission to Northwestern Business College and graduated in 1963. He started work with a shoe company. He got married to Marilyn Myers in 1964 and moved to Waterloo, Iowa, and started staying at his in-laws’ house and managing their three KFC restaurants.

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