How old was Inge Lehmann when she died? Bio, Medal, Education, Quotes And Life Journey

How old was Inge Lehmann when she died? Bio, Medal, Education, Quotes And Life Journey

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In 1929, the big earthquake took place near New Zealand. At that period, the Seismologist  Inge Lehmann was the only Danish Seismologist. She once studied the shock waves and got into the puzzle after what she saw. A few ‘P’ waves which should have been diverted by the core were actually recorded at seismic stations.

Inge theoretically learned about the waves. She came to know that these waves had traveled some distance into the core and bounced off some kind of boundary. Inge finally theorized that Earth’s center consisted of two parts: a solid inner core surrounded by a liquid outer core. It is called what has come to be called the Lehmann Discontinuity.

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 Life Journey and education of Inge Lehmann 

Inge Lehmann was born in Denmark in 1888. She was a pioneer among women and scientists. She did her schooling at a progressive school where boys and girls. She once found this was a sharp contrast to the mathematical and scientific community. She also once talked with her nephew Niles Groes:

 “You should know how many incompetent men I had to compete with—in vain. I remember Inge one Sunday in her beloved garden…with a big table filled with cardboard oatmeal boxes”. 

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Furthermore, she added: 

 “In the boxes were cardboard cards with information on earthquakes…all over the world. This was before computer processing was available, but the system was the same. With her cardboard cards and her oatmeal boxes, Inge registered the velocity of propagation of the earthquakes to all parts of the globe. By means of this information, she deduced new theories of the inner parts of the Earth.”

Being a critical and independent thinker, she quickly established herself as an authority on the structure of the upper mantle. Moreover, she also did an extended research in other countries. With the increased global interest in seismology, she also did her research in seismology for the surveillance of clandestine nuclear explosions.

Inge received the William Bowie Medal in 1971 which is the highest honor of the American Geophysical Union. Moreover, people also knew her as “the master of a black art for which no amount of computerizing is likely to be a complete substitute.”

Childhood of Inge Lehmann 

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Inge Lehmann was born in Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, on May 13, 1888. She was born to the father  Alfred Georg Ludvik Lehmann, psychologist and her mother, Ida Sophie Tørsleff, a housewife. They both came from notable families.

During her early life, she was a shy girl and did not enjoy the limelight. She was shy throughout her life. She did her schooling at a private coeducational school called Fællesskolen. At that time, it was the new school as a wealthy woman Hanna Adler established when Inge was five years old.

The new school was unusual as in the school they used to treat both boys and girls in the same way. All used to read the same subject and also could take part in the same sports.

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