An insight into ASMR videos and the N.E.Lets Eat ASMR YouTube channel of Sissi, Emma, and Nicholas!

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The internet and YouTube have over the years introduced us to a volley of things including various global phenomena and hidden treasures. It is now also giving us an insight into the world of sound using ASMR videos. It is becoming increasingly popular and people are going crazy over it. So what are these videos and why are they liked so much by the viewers?

Source: YouTube (Nicholas on ASMR video)

In these videos, there are placid sounds and whispers which are set to trigger ASMR which stands for an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. In these videos, a person who is watching and hearing the video can experience ASMR and this is a tingling and sedative sensation that starts from the head and descends the neck and upper back in response to these repetitive sounds and is also called as Brain massage. It is believed to be euphoric and hence for this great amazing sensation, these videos are created.

Source: YouTube (ASMR Video and Nicholas)

The maker of the video introduces whispering or crisp crackling or tapping sounds that are soothing to the human ears. This response is enhanced when you listen to the sound via a high-quality headphone or sound system.

The new concept and research

It is a new concept with not much research in that direction. Not all experience ASMR. People’s interest is slowly growing in this field and it would be a matter of time when the scientific community also puts in efforts to study the phenomena. Google Trend data has revealed that it is a hot topic for google search and has shown a steady rise from 2009 to 2016.

Source: YouTube (SAS and Sissi on ASMR video challenge)

People view these channels frequently and such channels record the maximum number of total views. Their subscriber list is also rapidly growing.

N.E.Lets Eat

N.E.Lets Eat is a YouTube channel that uploads ASMR videos in which the sounds are produced by eating various substances which give a unique sound during the process of mastication. This channel started on 6 October 2015 and within a span of fewer than 3 years has 679k subscribers to boast of. The videos posted on the channel have been viewed more than 174 million times which is a huge achievement.

Source: YouTube (Sissi with kids)

The creators of the videos

The people who make the videos for the channel and appear in it are based in Canada. The members who have formed the channel are Sissi, 33, Emma, 5, and Nicholas, 9. These are the sister niece, and nephew respectively of SAS of SAS-ASMR YouTube channel. Emma was born on 30 January 2013 and posts mukbangs, ASMR relaxation videos, and does eating challenges.

Source: Pinterest (Sissi and her family)

Nicholas was born on 23 May 2008 and does eating challenges and also mukbang videos along with his sister Emma. The mother of the two is Sissi who was born on 19 August 1984. She is the matriarch of this channel and does mukbang vlogging as well.

The most popular videos

The channel’s most popular videos include “ASMR [ Salmon Sashimi ] Eating Sound | NO Talking” and “ASMR [ Salmon Sashimi ] Eating Sound | NO Talking.”. The recent one shows the person eating Tobiko eggs which make a crunching sound.