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Mark Fischbach

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American video game commentator and YouTuber Mark Fischbach is active on the social media since 2012. His channel has managed to amass more than 17.7 million subscribers and has more than 7 billion views. He is very popular in the video game circle. Let us follow his life journey!

Mark Fischbach: Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings, Education

Mark Fischbach was born on 28th June 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father worked as an Air Force pilot. His mother is of Korean descent. It is during his posting that Mark’s father met his mother and the two got married. After Mark was born, his family shifted to Cincinnati, Ohio. He has one elder brother called as Jason Thomas Fischbach. He works as an artist and is an author of webcomic which goes by the name ‘Twokinds’.

Source: Pinterest (Mark with his extended family)

Mark Fischbach had registered at the University of Cincinnati and was pursuing a course in biomedical engineering. But when he started his YouTube channel and it took off, he could not concentrate on his course and left it in between without completion. His elder brother is supposedly shy and does not appear in front of the camera. But he lends his voice to his younger brother’s videos.

Career as a YouTuber

Mark Fischbach first started a YouTube channel which he named as ‘Markiplier’. He posts indie, horror and action video games on his channel. His Let’s Play videos have a commentary which usually consists of yelling, screaming, crying and cursing. His videos contain a lot of profane languages which remains uncensored. In the initial days, his YouTube and Adsense account was banned by YouTube.

It was not restarted in spite of repeated pleas. Hence Mark Fischbach made and embarked on another channel which he called MarkiplierGAME. His channel subscribers soon grew and in 2014 it stood at number 61 on New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels list.

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Source: NY Daily Times (Mark from the hospital bed)

He migrated to Los Angeles for better and easy prospects. He also was honored and appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show. In 2015, he was also listed in the top twenty influential persons for teenagers in the USA. His name was rated on position number 6.

Mark Fischbach also uploads vlogs which usually have inspirational contents. At the end of 2015, Mark Fischbach suffered a minor heart attack and was hospitalized. He later informed viewers that he has decided to go alcohol-free since his body lacks the enzyme necessary to break down alcohol. He also stopped producing his famous series called ‘Drunk Minecraft’. He also participates and works with other YouTubers for promotions, events, and videos.

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In 2015, he had to undergo emergency surgery. He uploaded a video from his hospital bed. This video was seen by more than 5 million people worldwide. Mark Fischbach also does charity live streams. He does campaigns for donations. He has managed to gather more than $ 1200000 since the inception. He is also active with ‘Make-a-Wish-Foundation’.

He has won the Celebrity of the Year award in 2016. He has made several TV and film appearances mostly playing himself. He also does comedy sketches lately. In end 2016, Mark Fischbach has also signed with William Morris Endeavor talent agency and is taking steps to branch out from YouTube and the internet world.

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How tall is Markiplier? Height, Weight

There has been some debate about Markiplier’s height! Some have claimed that he is 5 feet 9 inches. But Markiplier had tweeted that his actual height is 4 feet and 9 inches and joked that he wears 13 inches heel.

Relationship, Married, Single?

Mark Fischbach is in a romantic relationship with a graphic designer and animator named Amy Nelson. It is not known whether he had dated anyone before Amy Nelson. Amy Nelson is on the channel’s team to create videos.

Source: ArticleBio (Mark with girlfriend Amy Nelson)

The other people who assist him with his videos include Ethan, Tyler, and Kathryn. Their relationship presently is going strong and there has been no news of separation or breakup. They are a loving and adorable pair with no known history of fights or feuds. They do not seem to have any children at present in view of their busy careers. No tentative wedding date has been disclosed by them.

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Mark Fischbach’s niece’s death and hiatus

Mark in June 2018, uploaded a video in his youtube channel revealing the death if his 19-year-old niece in a car accident. Her name was  Miranda Cracraft.

He also added that he will not be able to make videos as he is taking a hiatus, and he did break down into tears. Mark also launched a gofundme account to cover all expenses of the funeral.

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