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This funny Irish YouTuber named Daithi De Nogla has found fame on the internet. He is a video game commentator and Vlogger. He has a huge fan following and has managed to get into the top 1000 best YouTubers list on the internet!

About Daithi De Nogla career

Daithi created his own YouTube channel named Daithi De Nogla on 16 January 2012. He started by making gaming video commentaries and posting them on his YouTube channel. He used to put Irish slangs and rage into his videos and this only added to his popularity. They came to his advantage and helped people differentiate him from the other YouTubers. He also started making live performances and commented on the popular GTA 5 video game character.

Source: YouTube (Daithi and his friends as animes)

Unlike the other YouTubers who provide serious commentaries, Daithi’s commentaries are humorous and fun-filled and exciting. They are liked by his fans. Daithi also posts videos which are customized as regards the graphics. This is its selling point. He is also a good singer. He is also a good song composer. He makes his own songs and plays them on his guitar. These videos of his music are also quite popular and get the maximum views.

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In 2016, he was one of the best game commentators. He used to upload 16 million per month which was above average for a person of his age. His name is listed amongst the top 100 game commentators.

His channel also features Gmod Sandbox Funny Moments, vlogs, simulators, and animation. He has garnered around more than 5 million subscribers. He has never fallen into any major controversies or scandals. He maintains cordial relationships with his colleagues and always uploads decent content. He was also a partner with Machinima.

He also sells merchandise online and earns through it. His net worth is estimated to be more than $ 12 million. He earns anywhere between €37,500 to €600,000 per year.

About Daithi De Nogla early childhood and birth

Daithi was born on 6 July 1992 in Ireland. He is from an Irish family. Information related to his parents and siblings if any is limited.

Source: WikiTubia (Daithi)

His interest in this business started when he was young and his parents were ever supportive of him and his dreams. They purchased for him the required gaming consoles and computers to enhance his skills. He has a twin brother called as Aindreas. He too backed him. His brother had made some appearances in his few videos. Daithi also owns two pet dogs; Joe and Tony. These two also feature in some of his videos.

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Daithi De Nogla’s personal life

Daithi is not married. He has no wife or children. It is said that Daithi had dated a girl called as jac.cheese on social media. He is said to have dated an Irish lady called Berenice. Berenice had been Daithi’s girlfriend for a few years.

Source; YouTube (Daithi and Jaclyn as animes)

Referring to Daithi, Lui Calibre had written in 2014 that whenever Daithi is in a relationship or love he makes such a video.

He is currently said to be in a relationship with Jaclyn Fairchild since the past 1 year. It is not known as to what their plans are regarding engagement or wedding. Jaclyn has featured in some of his videos.

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