Is the 90s Teen Jonathan Taylor Thomas Married, Who is Heartthrob Wife?

Without a doubt, “The Lion King” is one of our favorite films and a memory from our youth that still makes us sentimental. The movie’s box office earnings were $1 billion. Jonathan Taylor Thomas provided the voice for the beloved character of Young Simba in the animated movie. The 40-year-old actor, who began his career as a kid performer, has appeared in more than 20 major Hollywood movies and television programs. The actor has more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment business and is a millionaire in terms of wealth.

While Jonathan’s work career is prosperous and well-known to all, he likes to keep most of his personal life private. Contrary to all expectations, the ladies’ heartthrobs had previously experienced broken hearts in their romantic relationships. Let’s quickly go over all of his romantic history before diving into the specifics.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is “Single” and “NOT” married to his wife.

It’s rather depressing if you were a child during the 1990s since Jonathan Taylor Thomas, a popular teen actor back then is now 40 years old. The Disney actor, who is over 40, prefers to keep the specifics of his private life “under wraps.” Surprisingly, the actor is single, which is astonishing considering that he has millions of female fans worldwide.

It is safe to state that the voice of young Simba is not single at the moment, even though there is a potential that the star of The Simba may have a secret lover because the actor never revealed or offered a hint.

Taylor, who fell in love with Jessica Biel’s Allie Henderson in the movie “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” hasn’t actually found his true love. Last Man Standing, a 2016 television series, featured the actor’s most recent effort as both a director and an actor. Taylor describes himself as “just an ordinary person trying to make it in Hollywood at the moment” in his dormant Twitter bio.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Jonathan Taylor Thomas(Source: POPSUGAR)

The 1990s celebrity quit Home Improvement to escape the constant media attention and live a quiet, serene existence. He never had the opportunity to live a normal childhood, play basketball with friends, or attend school like a regular person because he became a well-known actor at the age of eight. The actor did depart the show after eight seasons as Randy Taylor, but he was unable to land another long-term role in television.

Returning to his married life, the choice to be understated may be appropriate for his personal life, but initially, it didn’t go well as he struggled to return to the standards he had once established. Jonathan hasn’t wed anyone yet, but they were once very close. Let’s investigate.

Jonathan Taylor broke off a relationship

Jonathan Taylor‘s personal life wasn’t as successful as his career, which was nothing short of a success. He first started dating Natalie Wright in 2007. Even the Young Simba got down on one knee to pop the question to Natalie Wright, who was then his girlfriend. Before agreeing to get married, the two indulged in a love connection for a long period.

However, as the anticipation for the wedding grew among the public, their relationship swiftly descended into chaos. He hasn’t talked much about his romantic side and keeps to himself ever since the couple broke up in 2007 due to tension between them.

Previously, Jonathan Taylor dated Jessica Bowman.

When his career was at its height in the late 1990s, Jonathan Taylor, better known by his stage name JTT, dated Jessica Bowman, an actress best known for playing Dr. Quinn in the hit television series “Medicine Woman.” They were an oddly well-matched couple because they were both well-known as teen stars. The television stars broke up after dating and getting to know each other for some time because they were too busy pursuing their career objectives. He declared in an interview that he kept his personal life private.

Jonathan Taylor, a popular teen actor, became embroiled in rumors that he is gay. The actor who portrayed a gay college student in “Common Ground,” however, denied all the claims and said he was straight.