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Jack Harries is an English YouTube star who along with his twin brother Finn Harries created the JacksGap YouTube channel which is a travel channel.

Jack Harries-bio, birth, childhood, family, education

Jack Harries was born as Jackson Frayn Harries on 13 May 1993 in London, England. His age now is 25. He has a twin brother named Finnegan Frayn Harries or simply Finn Harries. His parents are Rebecca Frayn and Andy Harries. He also has a younger sister who is called Emmy Lou.

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He had registered for a degree in drama at Bristol but left it in between in 2013 since he found it hard to study for the course and at the same time maintain the top position he had in cyberspace.

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Jack Harries and acting career

Jack Harries had his first acting break when he was 13. This role was in the TV film which went by the name of Perfect Parents. In July 2011, he and his brother created the YouTube channel called JacksGap on which he posts his travel updates. He was one of the cast members who was featured in the Channel 4’s School of Comedy. He has also done a guest role inomedy Lab.

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Jack Harries also has a blog which is called JacksGap and on this, he uploads videos and pictures and also does blogging. Jack Harries also has his own Instagram account on which he has over 1.6 million followers. Their YouTube account has more than 4.5 million subscribers. His Twitter account has over 2.43 million fans. More than 88% of his subscribers were said to be teenage girls.

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Jack Harries and the plagiarism row

Jack Harries was embroiled in a plagiarism controversy three years back. He was criticized for copying the storytelling and filmmaking techniques from the original American inspirational vlogger Casey Neistat. When one looked at the comments section of his JacksGap videos, one could see that it was full of comments from viewers who repeated the same thing that he had copied and stolen the ideas from Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel.

In 2015, this criticism came up in a bigger proportion. Casey also posted a video and complained about all this plagiarism issue. Casey had stated:

“It’s frustrating when they’re stolen by people that have big followings, so a lot of their followers don’t know that this work was stolen. There’s certainly no credit there. It’s painful.”

Source: Pinterest (Jack)

He added:

“If you’re constantly being told that your work is a copy of someone else’s, you’re doing it wrong.”

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Jack Harries denied any wrongdoing and Casey said:

“You can copy the mechanics, you can copy a style, you can copy aesthetic – but ripoff artists can never emulate the heart. The heart behind telling a great story. The soul behind something that moves or affects people in an emotional way.”

Source; YouTube (Jack)

Jack along with his brother Finn earned enormously through the channel and his net worth is estimated to be around $ 1 million.

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Jack Harries and his girlfriend

Jack Harries was dating social media star Ella Grace Denton but they broke up somewhere in August 2013.

Source; Daily Mail (Jack and Ella)

The reason is not known and after that, there were no more reports of Jack been in a relationship with some girl. He has a huge girl fan following but it is not certain whether he is dating anyone now.

Jack Harries, an activist

Jack is also an environmental activist and has been involved in such organizations. Also, he has urges his followers and young people to protest over the environment.

He said:

“As a young person growing up in London I feel scared for the state of my future [and] overwhelmed by the news about climate change, and I feel like our government is simply ignoring the problem.

“It’s worth noting I don’t want to be here, but I feel that it’s my duty as a young person to make our voices heard and to force our governments to listen because, ultimately, it’s our future that’s at stake.”

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