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Jadyn Wong’s Happy Quinn role!

Canadian actress Jadyn Wong is known for her role as Happy Quinn in CBS’ TV series ‘Scorpion‘. It is the main cast on the show. Jadyn Wong has been portraying this role since 2014 and enjoys doing it. She said that the role tickles and excites her. Her character in this series is mechanically inclined. She plays the role of the sole mechanical genius on this show.

When quizzed about this role, Jadyn Quinn had said:

“I wish I had the acumen for half the stuff that Happy does. Although I do have the attitude, just give me some time and I think I’ll figure it out.”

Source: Pinterest (Jadyn Wong in Scorpio)

The other main characters in this series include Robert Patrick, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Elyes Gabel, Ari Stidham, and Katherine McPhee. Jadyn Wong has been part of all the three seasons of this show. When she was asked how she feels working with mostly male actors on the show, Jadyn Wong came forth with a witty reply. She said:

It is like bathing in testosterone.”

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Jadyn Wong’s other acting arenas and movies

Jadyn Wong had started acting in the year 2006. She debuted on the small screen in the mini-series titled ‘Broken Trail’. This mini-series was nominated for the Golden Globe award and had earned an Emmy award. Academy Award-winner Robert Duvall was with her in this series. She was next seen in ‘StarGate Atlantis’.

She then made an appearance on the big screen in the role of a Chinese reporter in 2009 movie titled ‘Space Buddies’. She managed to get challenging roles which she successfully accomplished. In 2016, she starred in ‘You’re killing me, Susana’. Her filmography is excellent. Jadyn Wong has also been part of the Canadian TV series pilots: ‘Stay with Me’ and ‘Cracked’.

Source: Pinterest (Jadyn Wong in Broken Trail)

Jadyn Wong had also done a recurring role on the popular Canadian TV series ‘Being Erica’. She had guest appearances in ‘Rookie Blue’ and TV series ‘Lost Girl’. She also had a role in David-Cronenberg movie ‘Cosmopolis’.

Jadyn Wong had admitted that she meeting and greeting her fans since that is the way that she comes to know about their reactions to her roles and acting. She comes to know about their enthusiasm for her shows on meeting them. Jadyn Wong now resides in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Jadyn Wong birth, age, parents, school, and childhood

Jadyn Wong is known to be from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Her birth date is 11th May 1989. Her parents are restaurateurs from Hong Kong. They had migrated from there to the USA. She attended Medicine Hat High School. Jadyn Wong learned acting from the age of 10 years. She had initially started the Drama classes to overcome her shyness.

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After her high school, she went on to pursue commerce at the University of Calgary. But when acting opportunities came knocking at her door, she decided to leave her studies and concentrate full-time on acting. However, after a break, Jadyn Wong resumed her studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Besides acting, Jadyn Wong is also trained in playing the piano and is good at it. She also had learned Karate during her school days and has mastered it. She holds a black belt in Karate.

Jadyn Wong’s Outside the glare of the camera

Jadyn Wong had disclosed that she is a normal girl in real life. She enjoys working at her home front as well and does all the home-related tasks. She loves traveling and in 2016 on her birthday she had backpacked and completed a solo trip in Europe. In the series ‘Scorpio’, Jadyn Wong is seen dating Eddie Kaye Thomas. But who is her real-life beau?

During the San Diego Comic-Con, the two were seen to be having a serious and deep conversation and were oblivious of the surroundings. But it is not very clear as to whether Jadyn Wong is dating Eddie. The two do share a special chemistry with each other but does not appear that it is like that of a couple.

Source; CBS (Jadyn and Eddie in deep conversation)

The internet is silent about her relationships. It could be said that either she is not in any relationship and is enjoying her singlehood, or she has a boyfriend but has managed to keep him away from the media glare. But her enjoying tours and trips alone could possibly indicate that she is single and focused on her work, career, and studies.

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Jadyn Wong’s other interests

Apart from the fact that she is a talented actress, she has a Black Belt in Karate! She started to learn Karate when she a young girl. Later on, she grew to love it. Now she still practices the art in her spare time!

Jadyn is also a talented musician. She is a well trained classical pianist and loves to play the piano.

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