James Charles doesn’t mind if his eyeshadow palette is sold in Marshalls

James Charles, a well-known beauty blogger, rose to notoriety after displaying intricate and artistic makeup applications on YouTube.

At the time, most influencers were teaching their viewers how to blend eye shadows and create a flawless foundation base.

But not Charles, who was dabbling in artistic makeup. It was only logical for him to team up with Morphe in 2018 to develop his own eye shadow palette.

The Morphe Artistry 39 pan eye shadow palette featured rainbow colors to attract makeup enthusiasts to try out new styles.

Many beauty influencers have stated that the palette collaboration has changed the beauty community. The palette was likewise a smashing success, selling out four times.

Morphe also released a miniature version for budget-conscious customers, which was a huge success.

James Charles’ Marshalls’ Eye Shadow

The creativity palette is no longer being debated in the beauty community, but a TikTok video has resurrected the discussion.On June 28, 2021, Courtney, also known as @courtneyprevite on TikTok, shared a video of herself finding the artistic palette for $16.99 at Marshalls (T.J. Maxx).

Marshalls is a well-known American chain of off-price department stores that provide great deals at shockingly cheap prices.According to the company’s website, items are priced 20-60% lower than retail.

Customers agree that the bulk of “bad products” will end up in Marshalls, despite the fact that it has never been explicitly mentioned.Unfortunately, internet trolls insulted Charles in the comments section, forcing the beauty guru to reply.

He encouraged the trolls to stop posting abusive comments on the video, stating it was unnecessary, and promised he would not be offended.

James Charles Approves of Marshalls Selling His Palettes

Charles also resorted to TikTok to express his feelings on the video.

He stated that the palette was four years old and, as expected, was not popular; thus, it was being sold at discounted prices to allow manufacturers to clear out the remaining stock.

“In this video, I’ve been tagged hundreds of times, as if my palette being sold in T.J. Maxx is supposed to be incredibly embarrassing.” “I don’t see it that way,” Charles continued, “and I think it’s very cool low key.”

He went on to remark that despite the fact that most cosmetic product launches were only “popular for four minutes,” the palette was still being marketed after all these years.When asked about his palette’s success, the beauty guru replied that millions of people bought it, which he characterized as the greatest blessing he could ever receive.

Charles and his parents bought a house using the earnings from the palette sales.And, whether netizens liked or loathed him, they were getting a fantastic formula at a very low cost.