Jordyn-Grace Duggar bio, siblings, neglected child, 19 kids and counting, birthday, relation with mother

Jordyn-Grace Duggar bio, siblings, neglected child, 19 kids and counting, birthday, relation with mother
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Jordyn-Grace Duggar is the no. 18 child of Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle Duggar. She is the one who seems to be relatively neglected and wears a sad face most of the time on the show-19 kids and counting. Her name has four names and it is Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar.

Jordyn-Grace Duggar and her childhood

Jordyn-Grace was born on 18 December 2008 in Rogers, AR. She has a hyphenated first name similar to her other elder siblings Joy-Anna and John-David. Her parents are Jim Bob Duggar, 53 and Michelle Duggar, 51. Her father is a real estate investor and a former politician. Her mother is a homemaker.

Source; YouTube (Jordyn-Grace with her elder sib)

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She has a younger sibling called Josie Duggar and 17 elder siblings which are Joshua or Josh Duggar, 30, twins Jane and John-David Duggar, 28, Jill Duggar, 27, Jessa  Duggar, 25, Jinger Duggar, 24, Joseph Joe Duggar, 23, Josiah Duggar, 21, Joy-Anna Duggar, 20, twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar, 19, Jason Duggar, 18, James Duggar, 17, Justin Duggar, 15, Jackson Duggar, 14, Johannah Duggar, 12, and Jennifer, 10.

She belongs to a conservative Christian family who has very rigid rules as regards the duties of males and females in the household.

Birth of the 19th child of the Duggars

When Josie Duggar was born, Jordyn was less than a year old. She still her mother for her care and feeding, but Michelle was pregnant and later went on to deliver a preterm Josie who needed all her attention. She was with the baby no. 19 in hospital and Jordyn was taken care of by Jessa Duggar.

Source: YouTube (Jordyn and Josie)

Later, Jessa too got married and left the Duggar household and Jordyn lost her second mother too.
Fans feel that the Duggar play favorites in rearing their children and Jordyn is the forgotten child. They feel sad for Jordyn and it is clear from the little one’s expressions that she does not like her mother.

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Jordyn-Grace Duggar’s last birthday almost forgotten

Last birthday of Jordyn was forgotten by her family and it was overshadowed by the pregnancy news of Joe and Kendra. There was a post on their blog if Josie’ s birthday which is 8 days before that of Jordyn, but for Jordyn, there was none until dinnertime. Her fans wrote on Reddit about it and wished the poor soul a happy birthday.
Jordyn is more of a helping hand for the family and does stuff like launder, serve, and help Michelle.

Source: The Hollywood Gossip (A sad Jordyn with her parents)

One angry fan wrote on the social media:

“I feel so sorry for Jordyn. It’s always about serving and helping ‘Mommy’ because that’s the only time she spends with her kids is when they’re helping her, Great, they lifted this straight from Cinderella.”

She had to share her birthday with Josie in the middle of December and a video of her birthday celebrations shows how uncomfortable she was at the function. She does seem to have a tough childhood!

Source: The Inquisitr (Jordyn cutting vegetables)

Jordyn-Grace Duggar and her career on the show

Jordyn-Grace also appears on the reality TV show called 19 kids and counting which portrays the lives of her family members. The audience is amused at the beliefs and thoughts of the patriarch of the family, Jim Bob Duggar.

Source: The Inquisitr (Jordyn with her mother)


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