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Katarina Elle

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Katarina Elle was in news recently for the injury she sustained while on a vacation to the Bahamas. Let us know all about it and also about her biography.

Katarina Elle and her birth and childhood

Katarina Elle is 19 years old. Her exact date of birth is not known. There is also no information pertaining to her parents and siblings or other family members. She was born and brought up in Southern California but later moved to Houston in Texas. Her real and full name is Katarina Elle Zarutskie. She states her name as Katarina Elle. She has completed her high school and is currently in Miami pursuing a dual degree in business as well as nursing.

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Source: Sunshine Coast Daily (Katarina)

Katarina Elle and her fame level and career

Katarina is a model and internet personality from Houston, Texas. She has her own website called www.vogueandvegetables.com which is operative since the year 2013. Katarina states that she is passionate about fashion and also beauty, food, and likes traveling as well. She has learned dancing and also is a dancer and athlete. She is a foodie and a self-proclaimed chef. She is also into modeling. Her net worth is not known.

Source: Vogue and Vegetables (Katarina)

She loves to share her ideas and adventures with her fans. Katarina blogs about beauty and health, fashion, lifestyle, food and travel destinations. Her website had a lot of recipes and health and beauty tips for her fans and followers. On her Instagram, she has around 31000 followers now. She has now made her Instagram account private since after the incident, she has been receiving a lot of hate mails. Some even labeled her as a stupid model.

So what was the incident?

Katarina did not know that her vacation may turn into a nightmare. The model cum Instagram celebrity from Houston was swimming in a beautiful pond and had her arm bitten by a nurse shark.

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Source: Daily Mail (Katarina and her boyfriend Nicolo)

Katarina had gone on a vacation in June this year to the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas with her boyfriend Nicolo and his family. They were having a gala time there and enjoying it. But soon, they stumbled upon a beautiful pond and Katarina, 19 wanted to have a swim in it. There were other people there as well who were enjoying a dip and swim in the cool waters of the water. There were some nurse sharks in the pond but these are considered to be safe.

Nurse sharks and National Geographic

According to the National Geographic, nurse sharks are sharks which are slow-moving and dwell mostly in the bottom of a water body. For the most part, these nurse sharks are harmless to humans. But then, exceptions are always known. And for Katarina, this was one of those times.

Katarina and the bite from the nurse shark

Source: Daily Mail (Katarina)

As Katarina was enjoying the pool swimming amongst the nurse sharks, her swimming was captured in a series of pictures and a video taken during that time. As she swam, she felt a pain and realized that she was bitten by the supposedly innocuous shark. The incident of the bite and Katarina coming out of the water has been photographed and filmed by Nicolo’s dad. Katarina later told Buzzfeed:

“I am lucky to have my hand,”

It has been reported that Katarina needed stitches and antibiotics for the nasty bite and there seem to be fragments of the shark teeth in the bite.

Source: Pinterest (The bandage)

This injury might leave behind a scar which is worrying for her but then she also thinks that the attack might have been worse. She is a tough girl and her pictures taken after she took medical aid for her hand shows her smiling.

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