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Facts of Katharine Wilder

Full Name:Katharine Wilder
Birth Place:United States of America
Father's Name:Gene Wilder
Mother's Name:Mary Joan Schutz
Marital Status:Single
Hair Color:Light Brown
Eye Color:Blue
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Who is Katharine Wilder?

Katharine Wilder is the adopted daughter of American entertainer Gene Wilder. Her biological mother is her second wife of Gene namely, Mary Joan Schutz. Katharine and Gene were very close to each other but they got estranged when she was 22. Her biography is mostly information that one gets from Gene or before she left her father for good.

Katharine and her family

Katharine is the actual daughter of Mary Joan Schutz from her previous relationship. Mary was the friend of Gene’s sister Corinne. Little Katharine used to call Gene dad when she was small. Gene decided to accept the little girl’s calling him father and decided to marry Mary. Mary became his second wife and the couple tied the knot on 27 October 1967. Gene’s first wife had divorced him in 1965 after 5 years of married life. They had no children. He then adopted Katharine as his daughter.

Source: Highline (Katharine and her adoptive father Gene)

The name of Katharine’s biological father is not known. Her exact date of birth has also not been revealed. But she did hold American nationality when she was with her father Gene. There is no detail known about her schooling or college days and education.

Her paternal grandparents from Gene Wilder were William J. Silberman and Jeanne Baer Silberman. Katharine had an aunt also from Gene Wilder who was called Corinne Silberman Pearlman. Corinne’s son Jordan Walker-Pearlman can be considered her cousin. Mary and Gene never had any children.

The divorce and suspected affair by Gene

After seven years of marriage, Katharine’s real mother Mary decided to file for divorce from her husband. Katharine was 22 years at that time. She suspected that her father was having an affair with his Young Frankenstein co-star Madeline Kahn. During the divorce, Katharine did not want to hear anything from Gene. They became estranged.

Source: Variety (Gene Wilder)

Katharine and Gene after the divorce

Katharine’s life went off the radar and Gene went on the first date with Teri Garr his co-star in Young Frankenstein and later dated and married actress Gilda Radner. She was at that time married to guitarist G.E.Smith. As Gene and Gilda came close, she divorced Smith, and Gene and Gilda married on 14 September 1984 in Southern France. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in October 1986 and succumbed to it on 20 May 1989. Gene then met Karen Webb Boyer while preparing for the role of a deaf person for See No Evil, Hear no Evil. She was the clinical supervisor for the New York League for the Hard of Hearing and had coached him in lip reading for his role. On 8 September 1991, the two married.

Source: Daily Mail (Gene and his fourth wife Karen Webb)

The whereabouts of Katharine remain unknown to date. No one has any idea as to where she is and what she is doing. It is also not known whether she has married or is still single. There are no new pictures of Katharine and only her old pics are available on the internet.

Gene’s book for Katharine

Gene had written a book for his estranged daughter which was called Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My search for love and art. It was released in 2005 and Gene had hoped that Katharine would read the book and know the things which she had not wanted to know when she left him. But he was not sure whether she read it.

Source: Heavy (Gene and his book for Katherine)

Gene’s death and Katharine’s inheritance

Gene died due to complications of Alzheimer’s disease on 29 August 2016 at age 83. The news of his death was broken by Jordan who had signed the statement as Gene’s kid. Gene had left behind $ 20 million of assets and money which went to Jordan and Gene’s fourth wife Karen Webb.

Source: National Enquirer (Gene Wilder)

Katharine’s share was there since she was the only daughter of Gene even though adopted but to date, she never came forward to claim it.

Katharine Wilder- social media

She has grown up to be a beautiful, smart woman. But she does not have any social media accounts!

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