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Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm has been fighting for her custody of children but recently it is known that she lost the case and she has been anxiously waiting for the days she could meet her kids. She shared her feeling about being distant from her two children so let’s find out!

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Kathryn Dennis about losing Custody of her Kids

On Monday episode of Southern Charm, it showed Dennis returning from her rehab after her years-long custody battle with ex Thomas Ravenel, who she met during the show and welcomed two children together daughter Kensie, 3, and son Saint, almost 18 months.

During this time she has come on the show with the full determination to prove her sobriety and also committed to her children as it is not going to be an easy path. In one scene from the season tease, it is shown Ravenel takes their children away while Dennis just sobs which were a bit emotional moment to watch.

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Although Kathryn cannot speak about her ongoing arguments about the custody of her ex, however, she opens up about her feeling with PEOPLE saying that

“getting to spend limited time with her kids has been “the most difficult challenge I can imagine anyone could ever go through in life. Those are my two angels.”

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She confesses:

 “There are so many days when I just see a toy or something randomly misplaced and break down in tears.”

During her rehab, she has been working on herself to improve for better and strengthen her sobriety, she notes:

“I’ve learned that I have cope right now because there is an end to all of this custody [conflict]. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And I have to remain true to myself and remain resilient in my recovery. There’s going to be a day when things get back to normal, and that day’s getting closer and closer.”

She also revealed that she has been focusing on herself by practicing yoga and even considering getting certified to teach Mommy & Me yoga. However, it is hard for her to let go of her children but she is taking steps to make sure she can support herself now, and her kids, in the future.

“I’m trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life as a person and as someone who’s going to be a provider never dependent on anyone or on any man,” she says. “I’m saving my money. I’m living back at home, which is great for me. I have privacy and time to really think about these things. I want normalcy. I want to lead a more simple life. My relationship with Thomas was complicated and my reality with him was so chaotic. I just want to get back to the things that I loved prior to that and put on the back burner for some years.”

She’s learning to stay in the moment — especially when she has visited with Kensie and Saint:

“It’s difficult because I get such little time with them, so it’s just about enjoying that time and enjoying family.”

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Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel Relationship- Are they still together? or Broke up?

The couple who had series of on and off relationship for years throughout the three season of Southern Charm has officially called quits and it doesn’t seem they are getting back neither for their kids nor for the show. The couple has split for a year now.

Source: Bravo Tv ( Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel )

Although they have two children together, their relation was too confusing and the whole part of the relationship between the two was shown on the show. Year earlier Kathryn has shared what is so great about being single once again.

“I lost my own identity. It’s been a little bit of a shock to lose that part of my life but it’s really refreshing. I am learning who I am, what I like, what I want and enjoy. It’s been great.”

It is said that two of them actually called it quits for good around the same time her son was born but after the birth, they tried working things out with each other but Kathryn shared that this only lasted about one week for them. Recently, Thomas Ravenel shared that he is still hoping to find The One and even have more kids although his fierce battle with ex Kathryn Dennis.

“I’m taking a hard look at Landon,” he tells PEOPLE of Dennis’ rival on the show, Landon Clements.

Ravenel was seen taking a stroll with the thirty-something aspiring entrepreneur in the season 4 premiere, considering his relationship with the ex for past series and also he admits that he has concerns that Clements is “so concerned about what other people think.”

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Ravenel revealed that the decision to end his relationship with Dennis who is three decades younger than him says that,

“was a children-first decision — I might have hung in there. We had some good times, but there was also so much negativity that was very unhealthy for the children. We had to put the children first.”

Now the bachelor is looking for the perfect women to woo and even wed, keeping children in his mind. He shared:

“I want a woman who feels privileged to be with me because they know me and they know my character and they know that I tell the truth and I’m honest,”

“In this quest, given my checkered past, I think it’s going to take a special woman who’s going to be able to accept that,” he adds, “and I think I deserve no less.”

So, Kathryn and Thomas are not together but both of them are moving on with children on their mind!

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Thomas Ravenel gets arrested

After news of ex-husband Thomas broke out, Kathryn went to Instagram to post a picture of her son and daughter with the caption, “Everything in life to me”.

Source: Instagram (Kathryn Dennis’s son and daughter)

Thomas had been arrested with the charges of alleged assault and battery second degree. Later he was given $20,000 personal recognizance bond but for the price of his passport.

Following the arrest, it was confirmed that the reality star won’t be joining the new season of Southern Charm. However, before his arrest, Thomas had claimed that he was leaving the show after claiming the show took advantage of him.

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