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Kayla Phillips

Kayla Philips-her birth, age, childhood, and family

Kayla Phillips has earned a name in modeling and social media. She also made headlines due to her relationship with NFL player DeSean Jackson. She has a huge fan following and her fans are ever curious to have updates about her life and career. Kayla’s life starts with her birth on 17 July 1991 in Virginia, the USA. She has an elder brother.

There is no information shared on the internet regarding Kayla Phillips’ parents. There is no mention of her high school and college studies. No details are available regarding Kayla Phillips’ early childhood and her interests, her ambitions, and her dreams at that time.

She had on 1 September 2014 tweeted with a picture of her father and son.

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Kayla Phillips-her career

Kayla Phillips had a Vine account named @imkaylaPhillips. She started the creation of videos and uploading them to her Vine account. Her first video was uploaded in May 2013 and then frequently used to post Vine videos. This earned her a lot of followers.

The fan following rose drastically when she posted a video of her dancing in Zendaya’s music video named ‘My Jame’. Her fan base built up.

Source: Listal (Kayla Phillips)

She also started making videos with Melvin Gregg. Their videos were admired and got the Vine account more fans. She had an enormous fan following before Vine was terminated.

Kayla also made her Instagram account and started putting her pictures on it. She used to also upload videos on her Instagram. She gathered a great fan number with it. Kaya had also done modeling for a career. She has modeled for the clothing line-Civil Women’s Fall Hear Us Roar’ which she also promoted on her social media.

She also created her own Twitter account which soon amassed many followers. Kayla has gained fame and name on the internet and she would also diversify into other entertainment arenas. She was also part of DeSean Jackson’s reality show called DeSean Jackson: Home Team.

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Kayla Phillips-her relationships, boyfriend, and their timeline

Kayla has been in news more for her high-profile relationships than her career. She has been close to many male celebrities and also borne children with them.

Kayla had a high school boyfriend named Omyn Newkirk. He was a football player and Kayla worked as a cheerleader for the football game. She has a son called Tru with him. However, the two broke up. Omyn had talked ill of Kayla after the breakup.

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He told the media that Kayla is a money-hungry woman who cannot be trusted. He had added that she can do anything for the sake of money. He said that she puts on an innocent face in order to get things for herself.

From April to August 2013, Kayla was close to football player Tyrod Taylor. They shared some lovely and fun moments before they split. She was also close to record producer August Alsina but the couple after sharing some great time split in October 2014. She also had a romantic date with Justin Bieber after he had split up with Selena Gomez. Justin and Kayla had met at a party and exchanged their mobile numbers. The same night they had a romantic date and cozied up together.

She then met Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver DeSean Jackson on social media in 2014 and in January 2015 they announced their relationship. A few months later, Kayla posted on her Instagram about her pregnancy. In July 2015, they had a sports-themed baby shower. The child was delivered on 26 October 2015 and was named DeSean Jackson Jr.

Kayla received an icy welcome from Jackson’s mother, sister, and brother when she visited them in their house. Kayla is called ‘The Trap Queen’ by her former boyfriends.

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Kayla Phillips’ third child

She announced on June 3rd,2018 on Instagram that she was expecting her second child with DeSean Jackson. She was already 8 months pregnant then.

She same month in June, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

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