Know The Father of Lucy Kay McBath’s Two Children

Without even contacting the Democratic Party, Lucy McBath decided to compete for the 6th District of Georgia in the 2018 U.S. House of Representatives election.

She defeated Karen Handel, a sitting Republican official, in the race because she is a powerful woman in her own right. But Lucy’s choice to run for office was motivated by her anguish and loss.

The Georgian representative to the House was born in Joliet, Illinois, on June 1, 1960, to a mother who was a nurse and a dentist. Given that her father was active in the NAACP and served as the chapter president in Illinois from an early age, Lucy grew up with a strong feeling of responsibility to contribute to the welfare of others.

Lucy decided she needed to have the education to become a politician, so she enrolled at Virginia State University, where she majored in political science and earned a Bachelor’s degree there in 1982. However, because Lucy initially needed to provide for herself financially, becoming a politician was not in the cards. Instead, she chose to work as a flight attendant for Delta, where she spent more than 30 years.

But as with everyone else in the world, her progress over the years was accompanied by setbacks. Despite several obstacles in her way, Lucy never wavered in her commitment to her family and her beliefs.

Who is the first husband of Lucy McBath?

When Lucy McBath first met her ex-husband in the 1980s, she was a free-spirited young woman, and the two soon got married. Ron Davis was Lucy McBath’s first spouse, and after deciding to get pregnant and welcoming their son Lucien into the world, the couple’s love only became stronger.

Lucy Kay McBath first husband
Lucy Kay McBath first husband(Source: The Washington Informer)

The happiness and celebration, however, did not endure for long since in 1993, their first child passed away and Lucy was diagnosed with a disease that prevented her from carrying a child to term, according to her doctor. Ron and Lucy’s marriage was under a cloud, but they had faith that God would make everything work out in the end.

As a reward for their trust, Jordan Russell Davis was born on February 16, 1995, after the couple had been cautious for nine months. Lucy discovered she was pregnant in 1994. Lucy gave the boy the name Jordan in honor of the Jordan River from the Bible, believing that he was a gift from God.

Lucy’s family life was finally getting back on track, but her relationship with Ron was not. Soon, the two decided to call it quits. He went to Jacksonville, Florida, while she remained in Atlanta, and they continued to communicate with their kid.

Who is the husband of Lucy McBath?

When Lucy McBath met her second husband Curtis McBath, she was living in Atlanta with her son and working as a flight attendant. The two quickly got married and shared a home with Lucy’s son for a while. Flight attendant Curtis McBath shared two residences with her in Atlanta and Tennessee. Lucy spent some time living in Tennessee, but the couple ultimately decided it would be best to live apart, as is typical for flying families.

In addition, Curtis stood by Lucy when her son was fatally shot in Florida, and they dated while she was running for office. The couple is still together, as far as we know.

Suffering from breast cancer and losing her second son

Having previously battled breast cancer, Lucy McBath conquered it once. However, in 2011, the disease reappeared, and the mother-of-one at the time did not want her son to witness her predicament.

He was relocated from Atlanta to live with his father in Jacksonville, Florida by the House Representative. Jordan was unhappy about the relocation, according to Lucy, and he stopped talking to her for a while. However, after landing a job at McDonald’s and meeting a gorgeous girl, Jordan changed his mind.

When Jordan and Lucy spoke over the Thanksgiving holiday, he told her about the girl he had met. A few days later, in November 2012, a man shot and killed Jordan following an altercation over loud music in a parking lot.

The man was detained, and the jury found him guilty of manslaughter, but they were unable to reach a verdict on the murder allegation. After a second trial, the Florida man was found guilty and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. The entire incident was brought on by a disagreement about loud music.

After a senseless act of violence resulted in the loss of Lucy’s kid, Lucy began to promote responsible gun ownership. Lucy’s advocacy for gun regulation ultimately led to her election to the Georgia House of Representatives.