Lea Gabrielle Divorced Her Navy Officer Husband; Will She Remarry?

When it comes to her personal life, American Journalist Lea Gabrielle is quite the opposite…two years after the gift incident in 2018, she was also spotted wishing her spouse a…their marital existence hit the rocks soon after a few years…

Lea Gabrielle, an American journalist, is very loud when giving news as part of her job, but she is quite the contrary in her personal life. Did she never date anyone, or has she merely managed to keep her personal life out of the spotlight?

Lea Gabrielle is an American television personality best known for her work as a general assignment reporter and correspondent for Fox News Channel. She is mostly seen on the news show Shepard Smith Reporting.

The Virginia native is also a licensed commercial pilot, having served in the US Navy in the same role.

Lea formerly earned a commanding salary from the US government as a Navy Seal

She formerly worked for NBC Nightly News as a digital journalist and editor.

Throughout her television career, she has interviewed numerous ambassadors and political personalities at the White House, including President Barack Obama.

After serving as a fighter pilot in the United States Navy for 12 years, she began her media career as a military correspondent for KNSD-TV (NBC 7). She was also an Intelligence Operations Officer in the military, having served in Afghanistan.

Her stint in the Navy, and afterwards in the media, has helped her financial situation (read net worth). Adding her Navy salary and remuneration to her earnings from Fox News, the stunning journalist has amassed a net worth of $3 million.

Lea Gabrielle Has Always Been Interested in the Military

Lea Gabrielle Potts, an American national, was born in Virginia in 1975. She was born to a Navy Jag father, who inspired her to join the US Navy.

Mount Vernon High School was where she finished her education. In 1997, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the United States Naval Academy. She also went to the US Navy Flight School and became a commercial pilot. She also has a diploma in digital journalism from the New York Film Academy.

The attractive TV star, who comes from an Army family, has a thin figure that is nicely balanced by her height of 6 feet.

Lea Gabrielle Divorced Her Army Man Boyfriend Who Later Became Her Husband

Despite her celebrity, that TV star is fiercely protective of her personal life.

Because she prefers to avoid the spotlight, little information about her love life and dating history is available.

Lea had always wanted to work for the United States Navy. Her interest in the US Navy not only provided her with the opportunity to serve as a fighter pilot and Intelligence Operations Officer, but it also provided her with the opportunity to travel the world. It did, however, bring her affection.

Gabrielle was previously married to Greg Sutton, a US Navy Naval Officer. After a brief courtship, the couple married in 2004.

Unfortunately, their marriage failed after only a few years. Despite not going into specifics, it is clear that Lea is no longer married to her husband. The pair is said to have divorced around the end of the first decade of the millennium.

Is Lea Gabrielle Marrying Again in 2018?

After the humiliation of a broken marriage, Lea vanished from the dating scene for a good 6 years. To the relief of her followers who had been wondering about her personal troubles, she returned in 2018 with positive news.

Her tweets in 2016 rekindled the spark of a new romance in her life.

Lea hinted that she might be dating someone by posting a photo of a pair of earrings she said were given to her by her lover.

Furthermore, she was spotted wishing her partner a Happy Valentine’s Day two years after the gift incident in 2018. At the age of 43, it appears that Lea is finally moving on from her relationship with her last spouse and looking for love again.