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Claire Hosterman

Claire Hosterman is famous as the elder sister of Disney Channel personality, Dove Cameron. But she is also a highly talented singer and music teacher. There is a lot written about her younger sister Dove Cameron, but when it comes to Claire, there is very little information provided about her on well-known biographical websites.

Let us today try to get for our readers more details about this melodious lady!

Quick Biography

Claire Hosterman’s Birth facts, Education, and Family

Claire Hosterman was born to father Philip Alan Hosterman and mother Bonnie Wallace. Her mother is a wonderful writer and has authored a book called The Hollywood Parents Guide. Claire was born on 10 March 1989 in Seattle, Washington, the USA. She is seven years elder to her younger sister, Dove Cameron. The two had been extremely close to each other since their childhood days and were raised together in Seattle.

Source: Twist Magazine (Claire with sister Dove and Dove’s boyfriend Ryan)

Their father was the founder of the Kandahar Trading Company which sued to do business in ethnic fashion accessories. He loved music and used to diligently accompany his daughters to their piano and saxophone classes. Their parents had divorced and later father Philip passed away. All these eventualities in childhood drew the two sisters closer and elder Claire was very supportive of her younger sister.

Claire completed her high school from Bainbridge High School and later joined Pitzer College in California. She obtained a degree in Anthropology. She is of Scottish and French descent.

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Claire Hosterman’s Career and Net Worth

Claire Hosterman studied voice formally and is now training people I correct voice usage. She has appeared on stage during the Bainbridge Performing Arts 2008. She has also been an active participant at the Young Playwrights Festival. She has worked as an apprentice to Steven Fogell as an assistant director for the BPA Camp Teen Bainbridge Production of ‘Les Miserables’.

Her hard work and talent were duly rewarded with the winning of the Amy Award for Emerging Artists at the Seventh Annual Meet in 2008. Claire has also directed a variety of the Bainbridge High School and BPA productions of her own. She loves music and is good at it. She also always wanted to teach people music. She began initially on a small scale by taking private voice lessons in her studio in Burbanks, Los Angeles.

Source: Twist Magazine (Dove Cameron)

These classes gained a lot of popularity and she then also started provided these tutorials online via Skype. She realized that these online courses were also a hit with students far and wide in the world.

Claire is a strong believer that everyone can sing, which is great! Her great faith in this notion has borne fruit and many of her students who never taught they could sing were with her training able to do so. She provides her students with the right technique to improve their sound and voice quality and it has been greatly successful. She is very patient with her students and showers them with love and affection. There are innumerable testimonials on the internet which praise her training programs and her approach to the problematic cases.  There is no information about her net worth.

Claire Hosterman’s Love Life and Relationships

Claire Hosterman is not married and has no husband or children. But she does have a boyfriend in Sohrab Mirmont who is an Iranian-American director and producer. He is the CEO/producer of Mirmont Pictures.

Sohrab Mirmont was also working as an assistant director for her sister’s music video termed ‘The Girl and the Dreamcatcher’. Claire was very ecstatic about it and had put up a picture on her Instagram announcing about the making of the music video and the fact that her boyfriend was involved in it. She indeed is a supportive sister and girlfriend!

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