Lizzie a.k.a. LD ShadowLady, the YouTube gamer with over 3.7 million subscribers! Know about the sweet girl behind the gaming world, Minecraft, the games she plays, early life, fiancé, hair dyes and more..

Facts of Elizabeth D

Full Name: Elizabeth D
Age: 31 years 1 months
Birth Date: October 07,1992
Horoscope: Libra
Lucky Number: 10
Lucky Stone: Peridot
Lucky Color: Blue
Best Match for Marriage: Gemini
Birth Place: United Kingdom
Marital Status: In Relation
Gender: female
Profession: gamer
Education: Liverpool John Moores University
Net Worth: $3 million
Nationality: British
Hair Color: dyed pink
Eye Color: Hazel
Facebook Profile/Page:
Twitter Profile:
Instagram Profile:
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Official Website:
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The world of gaming is amazing and it has come a long way from the era of the 1950s when ‘spacewar’ was created to almost the present year of 2018. Gone are the days when a parent forbids a child to play games telling them ‘it will get you nowhere’. In recent years, professional video game players earn quite eyebrow-raising money.

Source: Xbox

Gaming as a career?

As of 2013, the 15 highest-paid professional gamers in the world earned between $226,776 and $454,544! Now now I’m not encouraging the young people to throw away the books and run into the game store…. as there is a catch. Pro gamers need to be active players and win tournaments to earn. On top of that getting to the top of the game is quite difficult.

And there are some people who play games and are smart, charming enough to upload them to the Youtube and charm millions of other gamers. One such person is Lizzie a.k.a. LD ShadowLady.

Who? LD ShadowLady?

“Hey guys, what’s up! LDShadowLady here! And today I’m trying/playing this game!”

In case you haven’t heard, LD ShadowLady a.k.a. Lizzie is a Youtube gamer.

Lizzie was born in the United Kingdom on October 7th, 1992. Her birth name is Elizabeth D. (She likes to keep her last name private and we respect that). She also has a sister named Maddie.  She is quite private with her personal life, so not much is known about her family and childhood.

From 2012-2015, Lizzie attended Liverpool John Moores University to study Computer Animation & Visualization. She graduated in 2015 with an Upper Second Class degree.

She currently lives in the North of England with her boyfriend Joel and her cat Buddy.

LD ShadowLady
Source: Wiki – Fandom (LD ShadowLady)

Starting the Youtube channel

Lizzie had always loved to play computer games and was pretty good at it. Unknowingly, she started to make a career out of her passion and love for the gaming world.

In 2010, at the age of 17, Lizzie started her youtube channel with the username LD ShadowLady. She says she chose that name as it was in her XBOX Gamertag at the time.LD stands for her initials, Lizzie D. Her username was also inspired by a YouTuber of the time ‘NDTitanLady’

Her father had introduced her to gaming when she was younger.

LD ShadowLady
Source: Pictame (LD ShadowLady)

First uploads

When Lizzie started the channel, she intended to be a Call of Duty Youtuber. She planned to make commentaries over gameplay videos and montages of her own best gaming videos.

She did post some videos per her plan and reached about 300 subscribers over a few months.

LD ShadowLady
Source: Twitter (LD ShadowLady)

Really Into Minecraft

Back in the early 2010s, Minecraft was still a new game and comparatively few people played it. Lizzie started to watch a couple of Minecraft YouTubers such as Kelvin and Zack. Lizzie contacted Zack if he could invite her to his Minecraft server ‘Scottland’, where he recorded videos for his channel every day.

She got the invitation and appeared in episode 86. Overnight she gained 3,000 subscribers! So seeing a promising result, she started her videos on the Scotland server. Later she created her private server called ‘This land’.

LD ShadowLady
Source: (LD ShadowLady)

Exploring other games

In 2011, she went outside her comfort zone of Minecraft gaming videos. She tried her hands on other games. Alongside her sister Maddie, she started to post gameplay videos of a horror game Amnesia. She also posted gameplay videos of Nazi Zombies.

The same year in the summer,  Lizzie started a new single-player modded Minecraft series called Let’s Play Minecraft. However, Lizzie quit after her house was destroyed by Ogres (in the game). It only lasted 9 episodes.

LD ShadowLady
Source: Twitter (LD ShadowLady)

In January 2012, she started a new Minecraft series- Minecraft Singleplayer. She edited the videos to highlight the most exciting and funny moments. This series is quite popular on her channel. She even credits this particular series for her channel being successful as it is today.

Her singleplayer series ended in January 2013. So, She began to play ShadowCraft, a modded series with a lot more mods. She also created a new version called Shadowcraft 2. Most of her subscribers love this gameplay of hers.

LD ShadowLady
Source: Twitter (LD ShadowLady)

Subscriber’s favorite

Expanding her gaming skills with her sense of humor and charming personality, she included numerous games into her gameplay videos and thus gained many more subscribers.

Some of the games she plays that subscribers love are TrollCraft, Crazy Craft 3.0, Shadowcraft, Ultra Hardcore, Minecraft Versus, Captive Minecraft, Enchanted Oasis, Minecraft mini-games, One life, Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge, Build Battle among others.

LD ShadowLady
Source: Twitter (LD ShadowLady)

Hair dyes

Lizzie is also known for dying her hair quite often. As we can see in her videos, her hair color changes from time to time. Her color combinations include pink, purple, blue, etc.

Spontaneous gaming beauty always dyes her hair at home! She does not seek professional help for her mane colors. As we can see, she is quite good at it.

LD ShadowLady
Source: Wattpad(LD ShadowLady with fiancé Joel)

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Her Other half and wedding bells

In September 2011, she attended a game convention, GameFest where she met fellow YouTuber Smallishbeans / Joel. When Lizzie first saw him he was dancing. Lizzie admired his confidence and thought he was cute. So Lizzie approached him. But he was dating someone else at that time.

Later Joel became single and soon he dated Lizzie in 2012. The couple has been together ever since.

Recently in November 2017, Joel romantically proposed to longtime girlfriend Lizzie. She said yes! They are now one happy engaged couple.

LD ShadowLady (LD ShadowLady with fiancé Joel)

Guidance to beginners

Not only has her videos earned her money, but it has also helped other gamers to pass that difficult point in the game. Her videos are funny, charming, informative, and entertaining as well.

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LD ShadowLady’s social media profiles

LD ShadowLady is active on Twitter and Facebook. Currently, she has more than 662k followers on Twitter and 78k followers on Facebook.

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