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Loca the pug

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Loca the pug is a celebrity pooch who gained fame after he was seen in a viral YouTube video. The video depicting him had gone viral in the year 2012 and this video was posted by the owners. It showed the dog running but having trouble doing so due to a mild brain disorder. So what exactly was the pooch’s problem and how is she now? Let us find out.

Loca the pug and her viral video

Loca was an Irish pooch from Belfast in Ireland. It was a lovely little dog which was adored by millions worldwide. Due to the pug’s medical condition, one could see him in the video harmlessly roll, topple, and fall over. All these movements charmed those who watched the video and so they commented after watching the video. It had many views and likes.

Source: Bong Bong (Loca the pug)

The video was made by the owners of the dog and it garnered more than 16 million views. The dog got the name of ‘the pug who couldn’t run’. It was initially made by the owner Mal for family and friends but it soon was shared widely on the social media and became a craze.

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At the start of the video a voice says:

“Well, hello my name is Loca, and I am a special pug,”

The dog can be seen prancing and dancing throughout the yard. The voice continues and states:

“I live in Belfast, Ireland, and me favorite thing’s a hug. I love to eat roast chicken, and my friends say I’m good fun. But the one thing that I cannot do is I can’t feckin’ run.”

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More about Loca

Loca the pug did not only have a video created of him, there was also a book written on him and it was available for sale on Amazon! The book’s name was “Unbefeckinglievable” and its synopsis read as follows:

“This book is essentially a family saga; a humorous story about an average family, living in an average house in an average city but it is told from the perspective of an above average dog. It is often said that, given time, almost every situation in life has a funny side and this book highlights many such incidents. Most readers will relate to the trials and tribulations of family life and may well recognise themselves or members of their own family in many of the characters.”

Source: YouTube (Loca)

She also had her own Facebook page which was regularly updated by her owners. One of her posts said:

“Hey my gangsters, As you can see from the sun shining on my particularly cute little gub we have arrived in Spain 🙂 But more about that in a second. I was on flipping tee-vee last night. Do you remember the doctor-mentory that Row-Non made ? Well it was on. Oh my hairy word darlings you would have been so proud of me! I shared my episode with some fair-its (absolutely gorgeous wee creatures and I need one asap btw) and a family with 6 dogs!! I was shocked to the core that any family would have 6 dogs until Layla pointed out that’s how many we were at home hahahaha. I’d never got round to counting us :-)”

The rumors of death and the actual death

There were many rumors of her death floating around at different times. Loca also had a YouTube channel and on it, her owners posted a video on behalf of Loca stating that she is very much alive.

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But on 20 October 2017, the message was different. It said:

“We will miss her always but we thank God that we had her in our lives, even though her time was too short.” 

Source: Digital Spy (Loca)

She died of brain hemorrhage and the death was peaceful and in her sleep. It said:

“In the early hours of yesterday morning we had to say goodbye to our darling wee Loca. She had suffered one of her ‘appalling-eptic’ fits during the night and it seems she suffered some brain damage during it.”

Her vets had tried everything for her but in vain.

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