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The sad breakup! ‘Joren’ is no more!

On 26th June 2017, American YouTuber Loren Beech and her boyfriend Joey Kisluk called it quits. The two were extremely heartbroken and sad. They were a loving and cute couple who were liked by their fans and followers. Musical.ly star Loren was very fond of Joey.

They also had their own Instagram account as a couple which they had named as ‘Joeyxloren’. But one does not know what crept up in between their relationship that led to their split.

Joey Kisluk took to Twitter to make an official announcement of their separation. He wrote:

“Hey friends. I do not know if you all know already, or if rumors got around. But you might’ve noticed something. Loren and I have become a little more distant.”

“We care about each other but things were not really working out. I do not want to get into many details, but I will leave it at that. Yes, I am sad. But not everything really went right. We think it would be better off if we split up.”

Citing the reason for the split, Joey wrote:

“You all might think that this is a bad thing, which I thought. But we are both busy and Loren needs time for herself and so do I. We hope for the best for each other. And yeah. That is all that needs to be said. We are so sorry. Things will get better soon.”

Before signing off, Joey wished his fans a good and restful night!

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Source: Superfame (Loren and Joey)

Loren was also saddened by this sudden turn in her love life. Loren too tweeted her feelings and plans. She wrote:

“Everything will be okay, I am going to get off social media for a few days. I love you.”

She wanted to be off for some time to find her happiness again. Joey went on to say that he wished that things would get back to normal soon. Though he was heartbroken with the loss of his girlfriend, Joey told his fans to not stress and take things easy.

Loren’s second boyfriend!

After her break-up with Joey, Loren moved on and started dating Flamingeos (Geo or Juwany Roman). She shared her new relationship on her Instagram with pictures of her with her new date. She captioned one of the photos as:

“you’re so beautiful to me.”

Source: j-14 (Loren with Geo)

Flamingeos also was elated with this new happiness in his life. Sharing with his fans, Flamingeos tweeted on 3rd September 2016:

“Happy that I could officially call you mine @beechloren02😘❤🔐 pic.twitter.com/udWk18fUDO— Fla〽ingeos (@Flamingeos)”

There were some hate messages regarding this budding relationship but Flamingeos lashed back saying that Loren makes him happy.

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But alas! The second relationship also did not last!

By November 2016, Loren had already split from Flamingeos. They had lasted only about two months! She informed her fans about it on her Twitter.

She revealed the reason for their split later on in the day. She disclosed that Geo was extremely controlling and jealous. He used to try to govern her wear and friends in her circle. Loren refused to be part of this relationship. But Geo was bent on continuing it. It needed the timely intervention of Loren’s mother for the split to be materialized.

Loren also wrote that she was providing the information so that Geo does not unnecessarily blame her for the breakup. She was happy to be out of this disrespectful relationship. Though hard, she had to take this decision for her good. She told her fans to be wary of such relations and to avoid them. Bravo!

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Source: The Best YouTube Downloader (Loren and her current boyfriend Harvey Music)

Loren has now found new love. He is none other than Musical.ly superstar Harvey Music! Both of them have not confirmed their relationship, so they have never been official!

So we believe that Loren is either currently single or is in a very secret relationship. She is very much focused on herself and her career.

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