“Love is ageless”-Arlene Silver and her marriage to Dick Van Dyke who is double her age!

“Love is ageless”-Arlene Silver and her marriage to Dick Van Dyke who is double her age!
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Arlene Silver is a former makeup artist who is the current and second wife of American actor and comedian Dick Van Dyke. This pretty lady with hazel eyes and light brown hair married the legendary actor in 2012.

Arlene Silver and her growing days

Born on 21 September 1971 in New York, Arlene Silver’s current age is 46 years. Dick Van Dyke is now 92 years old. Arlene was raised in the Bronx and later relocated to California for her college. Data related to her parents, siblings, or any other family members are missing. There is no news about her childhood or college days.

Source: Parade (Arlene and Dick)

Arlene Silver and her beauty career

It has been said that Arlene worked as a makeup artist on several of the Hollywood projects. These include Carolina (2003), The Men of Delta Farce Salute The Troops (2007), and The Caretaker 3D (2010). It was during one of these that she came to know Dick Van Dyke. After her marriage to Dick Van Dyke, she no more practices this vocation and is now a full-time devoted wife. She was leading a low-profile life and carrying on with her routine when she met the famed actor and tasted fame.

She can also do some belly dance.

Arlene Silver and Dick Van Dyke-The first meeting

Arlene and Dick Van Dyke had met in 2006 at the SAG awards function. At that time, Dick was with his long-term partner and companion Michelle Triola who later died in the year 2009. It seemed like a fairytale romance. Recalling those days of the meeting, Arlene said:

“I remember seeing Dick at the catering table with his bow tie and his big smile, Right when I sat down, he was sitting next to me. He said, ‘Hi, I’m Dick.’ The first thing I asked him was, ‘Weren’t you in Mary Poppins?’”

Source: Getty Images (Arlene and Dick)

She said that they quickly became friends but love was slow to come up. Arlene elaborated:

“I didn’t really realize how powerful the relationship was becoming, I would come over but I didn’t want to bother him I guess. He gets so many people around him I didn’t want to be intrusive, so I would just say I’ll come over after work and we’ll have dinner, and it turns out he was looking forward to it the whole day.”

Source: Huffington Post (Arlene and Dick)

Marriage and life after

The couple started dating and tied the knot on 29 February 2012 at the Malibu Chapel. Dick once said that it was the smartest move he had made in his life. He said:

“She’s very mature for her age and I’m very immature for my age so it’s just about right!”

Source: Zimbio (Arlene with husband Dick)

This was Arlene’s first marriage. She told The Huffington Post:

“I haven’t been married before so it’s wonderful. He’s the perfect human being but he’s also the perfect partner, I went through a lot of frogs to get my prince.”

She said that she does not feel the 46-years gap in their relationship since Dick is young at heart. Arlene told:

“He is a lot of fun. He’s not immature in a bad way. He’s immature in a good way with the wonder of a child, He’s just fun, he’s open minded. He’s not stuck in his ways at all. We’re both like children. We feel like we’re both having a second childhood.”

Source: Zimbio (Arlene and Dick)

She says that love is ageless and her life is an absolute fairytale. The couple has no children.