What are Love Spells? Do Love Spell Work? Know the history of Love Spells

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What are love spells? These are procedures or rituals done to bind the passion of another person. These are included under the magical means and hence are also called as Love magic or magic spells. Its implementation is varied. They could be written spells, chants, charms, dolls, amulets, potions, or some rituals.

History of love spells

The origin of love spells and its practice is extremely old and ancient. It has been written on the cuneiform tablets from the ancient Near East and in the ancient Egyptian texts. It can also be found in the ancient writings of the Greco-Roman world and those of the Middle Ages.

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It has also found entry into the writings of operas and various ballets and musical productions.

Over the years, these love spells have been employed to bind the partner. It was used by women to keep their husbands loyal and faithful.

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The beliefs during the Renaissance

It was believed during this time that all witchcraft results from carnal lust and that it is this which in women is insatiable. The Men of the Renaissance feared the sexual power of the opposite gender. They associated it with the devil.

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They strongly felt that a witch obtained power by inviting demons to enter into carnal relations. She supposedly acquired power through her sexuality which was feared and considered evil.

The truth

While literature considers that women dominate the witch world, scholars believe that this is untrue. They feel that most of the casters of love spells are men.

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It is mainly the work of young men who want to target and obtain young women who are not attracted or charmed by them. Why literature puts women in a bad light is due to the fact that men want to subtract themselves from the associations.

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Do love spells work?

The answer is not known but many people that they do work. It is said that they do work if done properly and following the guidelines properly and with the proper energy, they do work. They are effective and said to work in different time frames. Some are fast whereas others take time to act or show the desired results.

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Love spells are said to bring back lost love or ex and also bring a new love in your life. It can also repair broken marriages and relationships.

How to make spells work or enhance its effects?

Various modes have been tried in order to enhance the effects of the love spells. It is said that spells work when they are used for good but if they are used to harm others, they will not only not work but also come back to the caster with three times the effect. Positive energy and goodness is a must for spells to work.

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It works on the law of attraction and hence goodness will give you goodness in return. You must have e positive and clean energy field around you for the spell to work. There should be faith and belief in its working and this should continue even after the spell has been cast. A constant flow of positive energy brings about the desired change. There should be a pure and direct intent.

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Love is a powerful tool that fixes a lot of wrongs and eliminates all sorrows. Using it for goodness always yields positive results.

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